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More and more snow!

We took a scary little ride out into the snow!! I was gripping the handles and feeling so scared, and then some soothing music was on the CD reminding me to trust the Lord! I needed that!

It is snowing and snowing here. We were in the store about a half hour and there was a good covering of snow on the car, I almost would thnk an inch in that amount of time! Do you think it is too late to plant my bulbs, I forgot to plant?

I guess I should take some pictures, but first I need to get the snow tires on the van and then we will go sledding at my aunts! Moriah's washer was broken so she came over to wash clothes and that was really nice to see her. She may help me with teaching Paul a bit, which would be great as he is being really hard to teach. I wonder if BJU Math may be better for him. I don't know. I like the simplicity of the Saxon, but maybe he needs more fun stuff.


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Snow, and other topics

We got a few inches of snow this morning. If it keeps this up we should be able to go sledding soon! We probably could now, but I am still scared to venture out of the house!

I guess I should put my snow tires on, huh? I am going to clean my office today

That is a huge job, but somehow I am going to work on it and get alot done. I am ashamed to take a picture of it now, but maybe I should so when I take a picture of it better it does not still look messy! Then again…maybe no pictures are better!


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MOPS and favorite recipe

I am going to MOPs tomorrow and am supposed to make my favorite recipe and bring it.

I could not decide what to make! Finally I decided to make some Russian crepes with cream cheese filling, but they turned out very ugly! I might take some anyway, but I made some Berry Dessert to take instead. I just made a small pan though

Berry Dessert

2 c. graham cracker crumbs

1/2 c. melted butter

2 eggs 1/2 t. vanilla

1/2 c. sugar 1 (8oz) package cream cheese

1 qt berries thickened or pie filling

Mix crackers an melted butter

Press into 9x 13 pan

Beat eggs. Add vanilla, sugar, and cream cheese. Beat Well.

Mixture will look curdled

Pour over graham cracker crust. Bake for 15 min at 350 (It will not look done)

Cool. When cool Spread with berries or pie filling

Refrigerate until well chilled and serve with whipped cream

This is especially nice when you do not have much cream cheese and still want a nice dessert! It is not as rich as cheesecake, but very tasty!

I hope everyone likes it tomorrow!

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Can we both blow them out?

I made a Raspberry cheesecake dessert for the girls for their birthday, that everyone loved!! It was really easy!

I whipped some cream cheese and them added some cream that was whipped and beat them together until stiff.

Add some sweetener (I used about 1/2 c. sugar) Make a graham cracker crust in 9 x 13 pan by crushing graham crackers and adding melted butter.

I poured 1 qt. of rasberry pie filling on top of the crust and then topped it with cream cheese mixture. Sprinkle with a few crushed graham crackers for pretty. Chill

It was really good and easy!

We opened gifts and ate dessert, while visiting with an old friend of Maria's who came over.

They got alot of nice presents and had a very nice day!

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Sleepy Birthday girls!

Two peas in a pod! Not only were they born on the same day, but they were both sleepy and we had to wake them up to celebrate their birthday!! Maria is 24 and Regina is 15!

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Our Thanksgiving feast

We had a very pretty table set with the china for Thanksgiving and quite the feast it seemed!

It was a little different as Maria who works nights slept through Thanksgiving dinner!! She had been up for 48 hours before and was so, so tired. My brother Michael also, was missing, which was sad!

We had Turkey, gravy (which Maria and I had to have our traditional argument over later when she woke up) cranberry sauce, cranberry relish, mashed potatoes, roast vegetables, rolls, stuffing, rolls, olives, yams, green beans, layer berry jello salad, pumpkin pie and berry chiffon pie.

We had popcorn later just for the traditional sense of it! It was a lovely dinner!

We had a old friend of ours Neil Partch over as well as my sisters boyfriend Cody.

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The childrens thanksgiving table

This was the childrens Thanksgiving table at Dad and Mom's house.

Around the table starting at the one with the green plaid shirt on and moving left it starts with Mark (my brother), James (my brother), Kendra (My niece), Lynette, (my niece), Monica, (my sister),Hans, Lee, and Paul, (my boys).

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Stairs Fred built

It sort of sounds like a rhyme, doesn't it?

This was taken before he cut off the ends on the railing, but anyhow, that is what he has been working on for awhile! He did a good job, they are very solid!

Maybe it was worth the crack in the windshield? I am not quite sure……!!!

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Stairs, friends and more

This morning after being up almost all night with Anthony (I should not have drank that cup of black tea!!) I found out Fred had an appointment the same time as I did!

His was in Kalispell and mine in Whitefish, so that meant all 4 boys had to get up, dressed and ready to go! I was late, Fred was on time…but I got my CPR card and everything was fine.

I came home, made oatmeal for lunch as we had skipped breakfast and we cleaned a bit! Paul pronounced “This is laundry day!!” We did wash quite a bit of laundry.

When Fred got home he wanted to finish up the stairs he built and have me take a picture for June and Terry (my aunt and uncle). We headed out there and since friend of our are renting half of the place, I stopped to say “Hi”.

We ended up staying to visit for awhile, had tea and bread with honey and peanut butter. The boys enjoyed playing and did really well. I think they were lonely, so it was nice to visit with them!

For dinner I made something we used to make a long time ago. I made fried potatoes, salad, and sausage balls.

I took a pound of hot italian sausage and added 2 eggs and oatmeal and shaped them and rolled in fine soft bread crumbs. Then I fried them until done. They were very tasty and the boys and Fred loved them as well! Because I added the oatmeal it made quite alot of them!

Fred loves Fried potatoes, especially in olive oil!

So, good night to you all!

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A fault of mine…

I really like to read Grace Livingston Hill books! I don't know how many others there out there like me, but you know what I love about them?

The characters have excellent character, (They will not sacrifice character for money) they strive to dress modestly in all situations. There are times when a young lady is without her hat out of doors and is so embarassed, so fashions a hat out of a hanky or the like.
She is frugal, making wonderful meals out of homemade things at home, but simple food! Some of the characters are very poor, yet they stretch things to make them work.

Of course there is many unrealistic things in them too…which is why they are a fault of mine!!


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