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How can I do it all?

I have been running hither and thither and trying to keep up with my mental to-do list and wondering how on earth I can do it all! Some days it seems like nothing gets done, or when I do get something done it gets undone!

On Sunday for instance, we had a nice peaceful day, until……evening struck!

Why is always then things happen, when I am so tired?

Lee is potty trained now, but the lessons begin with the proper uses of your body parts that were locked in a diaper before.

#2 rule- They are not to be used to spray at things in your room!!!

(That is #2 as #1 is Do not try to use the bathroom alone, because of previous experience with the Great Poo Disaster)

Then the letter I had wrtten previously was taken out of its envelope and on the bedroom floor (See what I mean and things getting undone?)

Because of the aforementioned incident all the blankets had to be washed as they were on the floor, because…….Anthony had decided to dump a bottle of water on the boys bed and soaked the sheet. Paul and Hans were changing it!

It is pretty hard to keep your chin up when these things happen one after another! I decided it would be healthier for all of us if I took a little break and left the house for about 20 min., hoping that things would not turn into a greater disater than before in that time!

So, life goes on and tomorrow, my sisters schedule changes so it will be nighttime babysitting instead of daytime. Should be easier…..I hope….but you never know!!


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Greatest Commandment…and how can we do this?

Mr 12:30-31 And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.

And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.

I was pondering this this morning and thinking, how can as a wife, mother and friend fufill this in my daily life? I am just a wife, mother and friend of people. I am busy. I have a life here at home. Then too, I cannot neglect my duties at home for serving others.

I think this is the hardest thing to do. Sometimes it seems like we want to do big things to serve God, we can handle the first commandment, but the second one is the hard one.

How can I love my neighbor like myself? There are the people it is hard to love, the people who hurt you with words or simply uncaring deeds.

I wonder if sometimes we realize though how much a simple deed that takes 10 minutes can matter to someone.

I have been really struggling and just a email or a note in the mail or even a quick phone call have really turned my day around.

I am very shy so a visit really can unnerve me, I worry that I cannot keep the conversation going, or if I am having a hard time, I will not tell you…even if you know I am.

I need you to read me and know me like you know yourself. There is a different way of reaching out to others and it is caring for them and loving them in deeds, not just words.

It is taking the time to build a relationship, even when you are busy and homeschool.

My sister went through a nasty divorce and when people cared to just feed her and have fun that meant alot to her. She really didn't want to discuss the rights and wrongs of the relationship as it all hurt bad enough.

Maybe it depends on the kind of person you know, but I think the extra work of keeping a friendship and loving our neighbors like ourselves are important. I don't think Jesus would have said that it was the second greatest commandment for nothing!

I think actually we will find fufillment in serving others, but loving them, even when it seems like maybe all the math didn't get done. But maybe your son or daughter may have learned a lifelong lesson….people are more important than the things that fade away. Math, clean houses and schedules fade away, but souls will be with us later in eternity.

(Disclaimer: I think school is very important, and should not be put off at all times for other things!! )

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Sweet Roll dough

Sweet rolls

8 c. warm milk
3 c. butter or oil (butter melted)

3 c. sugar ( I cut down)
8 eggs

8 t. salt
4 T. yeast dissolved in 2 c. warm water
16 c. flour

Melt butter in hot milk. Beat sugar, eggs, and salt together Add to milk
mixture Cook to lukewarm. Dissolve yeast in water.

Add to milk mixture. Beat
in flour slowly, beating 10 min. (This is very hard to do, so I do not do
this the last while for as long. I made one batch this year doing this and
on one batch without. It made no difference as long as you beat it for a
good bit of time before all the flour was in)

Add about 12 more cups of flour more or less. Dough should not be so hard
you cannot stir with a spoon. Let rise until double.

Shape into rolls and
let raise again. Bake about 10-12 min each in small round pans or longer
for bigger pans. Be sure to not over bake as then they tend to be dry.
Frost if desired.

I like to make a maple flavored frosting, but some people like cream cheese icing.


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Gwen Bristow

I have enjoyed several of her books and find them….intriguing. The last one of her's I read I stayed up half the night because I could not put it down. They are very historical. They are not the most fun reading all the time, but are full of American history. I enjoyed reading in Calico Palace about San Francisco and how it kept being destroyed by arsonists int he its early years. One man experimented by building a building from bricks, I believe and having huge containers of water to flood the rooftops in case of a fire. There was a time when the streets were so deep with mud that the stores brought out all the fancy stuff the people back east had sent them and buried in the streets so they would have a firm surface to walk on! Tons of stuff including fancy cookstoves, feathered boas and all!

In Celia Garth a young seamstress is involved in the War in 1779 and all the history that goes along with that. You will meet the oung man who named his horse bible characters, but puzzle you when his horse is named Jerry! (After Jereboam the son of Nebat who caused Israel to sin)

There are many of her other books and I could keep going, but then….what good would that do? Maybe make you go down to the library and try to find out if anyone has her books?

Keep in mind these are old books, but not Christian in the sense…they have more morals than many of our Christian books, but are also open about the sin in those days.

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Contentment is a interesting word, it seems at times that we take it as one of 2 things. It is a very hard thing to do or something we just give up on ever being.

Have you ever met a truly content person? I think of my great-grandmother when I think of a content person. She was blind, and had many other physical issue she dealt with on a daily basis. She lost her only child as a infant, but she was blessed to be able to adopt my grandmother.

All the time I knew her she turned everything into a smile and a blessing, even though it could have been looked at as a hardship.

1Ti 6:6* But godliness with contentment is great gain.

And we could add……. “It passes on a great legacy to the children and grandchildren”.

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Homeschooling….is it abused?

Yesterday I was visiting with some ladies or more listening to a conversation about homeschooling.

The one mother was saying how her adult children are upset at her for not grading their papers and feel they were deprived in school because of that.

Another felt she was deprived because she did not have science labs available to her.

I brought up the point that I do not know that public school would have been better…but that they would have still blamed the parents for other things.

The conversation turned to homeschoolers we know of that fail in school, because of faulty teaching.. and she wishes there was more government involvement. But the family lived in a state where there was governement involvement and still nothing was done. The children were adults, smart and could barely do third grade work.

How is that possible? They never left the farm, most of their life. They did not always attend church, one daughter went to a grocery store at the age of 18 and said “I remember one time I was in a store like this before!”

They all had to run away to get out of the house, sadly, and have severe emotional problems to deal with as well as other vices.

So, what is the answer? More cheap Christian schools? More control on homeschooling? More science labs in home and involved parents?

I don't know……maybe… and maybe not..but I wonder if it all comes back to the body of Christ functioning in more the way it should be functioning with people helping one another. One mother does not have to do it all, but the math whizzes teach math, science lovers teach science and so on…..maybe…just maybe we could help…but then again…I am sure someone will complain still.


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Foot spa- the frugal way

Have you ever done a foot scrub type thing and thought one of those foot massager tubs woud be nice? Well, today at MOPS they had sort of a foot spa and they took a regular tub and put round and flat glass stones (used in decorative flowers and stuff) in the bottom of the tub. When you soaked your feet it really massaged them as you moved your feet. It was great. I thought, what a cheap way to have a foot tub! I just use a dishpan that is like $1 and then you get those for cheap and it is nice way to relax. They had this fizzing foot soak too that was really nice and some sugar scrub from Mary Kay. My feet are nice and soft!

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Blogging for TEACH

I just wanted to post that in case any of you have seen TEACH magazine (or even if you have not) if you would like to post on your blog about TEACH, let me know as we have a special blogging promotion.

We will send you a free subscription of the magazine when you blog for us.

I know I posted on this before, so let me know!

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Early to bed…early to rise

Makes this mother…..really tired! I do not know how it makes healthy, wealthy and wise, yet!! It may something to do with the fact is that when I am getting up at 6 in the morning, I wake up wide awake at like 5:30!!! I know that I have not slept long enough and last night it was late before I got to sleep, like 11 or so!

I think the thing that bothers me is that I get irritable more.


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Eric is doing well today! We were all worried, but he stayed in the hospital for 24 hours getting an antidote and now is fine thankfully! Thank you for prayers for him!

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