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Paul’s birthday!

My oldest is 8 now!! I can hardly believe it! He has grown up so much from the colicky baby he was as a little guy! I tried everything to make that guy happy, but all in all he just wanted to grow up! He is so sensitive though and cares so much about me and can cheer me up if I am sad! He is such a blessing of a son! We celebrated his birthday on Sunday with Hans, so we are not doing anything today, but I still wanted to remember it.


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Marriage Games?

I almost never watch TV, but last night I saw a piece of “The Bachelor”.

I was horrified properly!!!!

What are earth are we coming to? We play marriage games?

We love this girl, no, maybe not, this one, no, this one

Can you think of all their married life now he has the mind set of thinking about other women besides the one he loves. There will always be the other woman he almost chose and wonder if life would be better with her. He treated them both the same!!! He kissed them both and acted the same, but he knew he was just messing with the one girl.

I was feeling so sick when I saw that, I just could not even believe that people watch this and participate in this. What is our country coming to?

We can watch people play with marriage, breaking people's hearts and just talk about it over breakfast the next day like it was nothing!

Anyhow, needless to say, I was not dismayed over our lack of a TV!

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Happy Birthday, Hans!!

I was thinking last night as I was laying in bed and remembering the night before Hans was born.

After the Y2K scare my in-laws left us with tons of food so even though I was not one of those people that prepared, I had a ton of food!

We had a whole bunch of pork ribs they bought in our “freezer” and since the weather was starting to get warm suddenly we needed to use it up! So, I had a get together of sorts and Mike and Kathy, Larry and Debbie and everyone else came over and we had BBQ'ed pork and beef ribs. I woke up in the middle of the night with horrible stomach pains, (Pork does that to me sometimes), it made me go into labor though, which I was happy for.

I was 10 days overdue and running down the streets of Duluth did not seem to do much!

We got up to find it was raining we had to get into town to the house we were going to have the baby at.

Fred was nervous and loading the van up with all sorts of stuff “just in case”. Hans was born about 3.5 hours later and then the fun began!

I had to go to the doctor for a checkup, then we found out the road defrosted so we could not drive back to our house. It started pouring rain, right when I went into labor and defrosted that fast!

I managed to get a scary ride in the Bronco, then was half carried by Sergey and Larry into Bobbi's house. I spent three days there, before I could walk the couple hundred feet to my house.

It was the worst recovery I had out of all my babies, but one of the best labors…so I guess I decided later, I want the nice recoveries and the bad labor instead. Anyhow, we got a little fat baby 8 lbs 9 oz and only 19 in long named Hans!

So, Happy Birthday , Hans! Glad you are 6 years old and the little joy of our lives!


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Apple pie recipe


1 #10 can apple packed in water

1 1/2 c. sugar 1/2 c. clear jel (not instant)

1 t. cinnamon 1/2 t. nutmeg

4 c. water

Bring water to boil.

Carefully dump clear jel, sugar, cinnamon mixture, stirring to get rid of lumps. Be careful as this likes to splatter and mom got some in her eye.

Add can of apples.

Crust recipe

2 2/3 c. flour 1 c. 2 T shortening

1/2 t salt 8 T water

Mix flour and salt , cut in shortening until totally combined, pea sized, add water slowly, but do not mix too much as it makes it tough. Treat it very gently!

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Ready to go into the oven

The journey of a apple pie! This one is ready to go in the oven, but below you will see pictures of all stages of it! I am not sure if I got them all in order, but I tried!
I hope you enjoy it!


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I tuck the edges of the crust under and seal it together with the bottom crust so it forms a ridge. I do this all around the whole pie and then make it nice and straight with my hands. Using my thumb and finger, I crimp it then all around.

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The crust

It was a very tender crust so started to fall apart as I put it in the pan. You never want to stretch it to put it in, but pressing it into place is okay.

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The filling

After you trim off the edges of the pie crust, you fill the pie with the desired filling. If you want to do a crumb or a lattice top, you do not trim off the edges, but instead finish the edges now.

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The line up

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February 24, 2006 · 2:21 pm

The final product

A tender flaky crust, with cinnamon glazed apples tumbling out onto the plate, this apple pie was good!!

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