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I wonder what that smell is…..

Have you ever played that game?

If you have not, then I will start feeling really bad here and wonder what is wrong with me, or maybe I will disregard it and just toss it off as you must not have any children or are a perfect housekeeper!

Today I was playing this game and thought maybe it is the laundry…. but…alas! I had basically caught up on the that was not it! I washed what I could find and kept searching!

I used lysol on the light switches, door knobs and the like and kept moving!

I finally guessed maybe it was the fridge!

Do you know what can worse than cleaning out a neglected
fridge on a weak stomach?…I don't know what can be worse, but I found all sorts of “treasures” in there. I left for Fred to clean out because I am not sure I could handle the odors quite yet. But you know, the fridge looks better! It still needs some wiping, but I am hoping the house smells better!

I also found a couple of apples that were rotting in a bag, they were old when I got them and not fit for eating, but good for baking, but I never got to it

There was a dried out piece of sausage in the back of the fridge and ancient swiss cheese that I felt bad throwing away, but couldn't eat because it was way too sharp.

I will spare you the rest of the details, but anyhow, I am very pleased!

My fridge is on it's way to being clean!


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Broken Record

I fear I am starting to sound like a broken record, but would you believe it I was sick again?

Yep, I got the flu! It was not a fun day, but I am hoping I am all better today although I am very weak, and will not want my picture taken for awhile.

You know it is bad when your son tells you look like you have black eyes!

Anyhow, other than that life has been all fine, Fred was able to get the cars brakes tested yesterday and we found it will not cost quite as much to have them changed. I have a few other things to figure out how to fix on the car too, like the turn signals and a brake light, I guess, isn't working. I got teased bya Russian guy because I was telling him what I guessed was wrong with the car. I don't think he had a woman tell him she thought she knew what was wrong before.

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French Bread

Here is the french bread recipe, hope it makes sense!

I used to think that those recipes where they just listed the ingredients and didn't tell you how to mix it, were so nutty!

I found now as I have more experience cooking, I would use those more!

My own recipes are hard to write the directions out to, because I do it by feel!

French Bread

5 c. flour 4 T yeast

1/4 c. sugar 4 T crisco

5 c. hot water

Mix well. Add 12-14 c. white flour until very, very stiff dough. Knead until smooth

Let raise on the counter until doubled

Shape into 4 large french loaves, by dividing in 4, and rolling each portion of dough out and rolling up into long loaves..

Cut decorative slashes in the top. Let raise until almost doubled and bake for about 20-30 min at 350 or until sound hollow on sides.

You want to tap the sides, because it will often sound hollow on the top when it is not done in the middle as it sort of gets crusty on the top

Sometimes when I roll it up I like to roll spices like garlic and italian seasoning up in it and then I serve it with spaghetti! Dip this into sauce! It is better than breadsticks and only 1T fat per loaf!

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Quick run through of night and day….

I was reminded several times last night, that I am a mother, the sound of gagging got me out of bed more times than I could count last night.

I would come to find Hans sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor several times, throwing up while he had been attempting to get a glass of water. The stench that also wafted from him told me that he had a problem in other areas also.

We had a shower at 2 am and other cleanup sessions at other times of the night. He did really well when he was in his bed of keeping the throw up confined to the garbage can.

This morning proceeded with the normal breakfast prep. and then mid afternoon I was taking care of my nephew who has had a fever the past three days. He was protesting having to take a nap, Paul was hungry so I was frying grilled cheese in the frying pan. Hans was thirsty, drank a drink of water and promptly emptied the contents of his stomach on the kitchen floor and in the garbage can.

At least the kitchen floor is easy to wash! Most of the time I was concentrating on “No, Anthony, don't touch!!

Lee, don't throw all the magazines all over.

Why are you hitting your brother over the head with a piece of cardboard? He is sick

Don't both try to sit on mom at once!

Now, why are you screaming again?

Add to this, that for some reason I felt like I should volunteer to make a pot of soup for the church as they are taking part of Feeding the Flathead here in the valley and I wanted to help.

Oh well, chicken and rice soup is simple, right? We have to eat anyway!

So, if any of you live close by, stay away I guess, unless you take pity on me and want to relieve me of the 2 very energetic boys who think that making a mess of a already messy house is a grand thing to do when mom has not slept much!

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TEACH magazine

I especially enjoyed the article in this issue of TEACH about the chore method using marbles! We used to use a similar method at home that I loved growing up! I earned a new comforter for my bed by saving points up for chores.

The theme of this issue was beauty, so there were several good articles on the different aspects of that subject. One though, “Because of Me” spoke of a person who was ugly on the outside, yet beautiful on the inside. The man had been burned severely, but he had been burned saving someone else.

If you have not seen TEACH yet, this is a magazine you do not want to miss!

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I want to post some pictures!

But we are still in the midst of sickness. I was watching Hans laying on the couch and moaning and groaning. I started to thinkt hat if he throws up it will be all over our new couch so I moved him to his bed. Sure enough, a few minutes later he informed me he had thrown up all over!

i was ont he phone and my friend thought I was slightly nuts for sounding happy!

I said “I am just happy it is not all over our couch!”

You can always find something to be thankful for!

I sure have been cleaning up my share of bodily fluids lately, from both ends…..

It has not been terribly fun, but at least I am feeling better! I can handle anything if I have the strength. I feel asleep on the couch this afternoon though with Lee and we both took a nap. That was really refreshing.

Anyhow, maybe sometime this week I will get to posting the pictures.

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Long day!

It has been a series of long days and nights, but I am feeling a tad bit better!I just hope that I can keep some of the activity down so I can continue to get better.

I am sore all over though. I think maybe it is from coughing! My shoulder blade areas are so painful.
I have not left the house at all, because otherwise I would get some of my moms favorite remedy Tiger Balm.

She claims you can almost get addicted to it. It feels so good when you are sick, but sad to say, I cannot find mine! A good friend brought me a pot of potato soup and some cookies tonight, which was so nice. It made me remember how a simple thing can make a huge difference when someone is sick!


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I have been really sick the last couple days. It is awful! Ia m really a baby when it comes to sickness and hate being sick.

I think the hardest is not being able to take care of the boys and feed them. Anyhow, I knew I was working up to it and it was just a matter of time!

Just pray for me that I get better soon!


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Good Morning! Memory makers

The sun is shining, even though it is still cold outside. I have 2 of the little boys up and fed, but Paul and Hans have been sick and are still sleeping.

There are messes to clean and I should get busy on the daily grind, but I just want to sit and maybe sleep a bit more.

Some days there are times when you sit back and think about your life…what it is, and what it should be. I sometimes feel like life is going by much too fast and what do I have to show for it?

I had to remind myself that I do have 4 beautiful boys to show for my work this past 9 years and we have a nice warm place to live.

It is like I want to do something great and important.

What is great and important though?

I realized that the reason I want to do something that is more noticable, is because mothering does not look so great all the time.

Especially when there is throw-up involved, runny noses, spilled milk, dirty laundry and sticky tables. But, really later on in life, who is going to remember that long the way you dressed on April 21, 1998?

Who is going to remember the way the house looked Sept 4th, 2003? I know I do not remember!! But I remember the people I was with, I remember the things I did with my children and they will remember! They will remember not exactly the day or the deed perfectly, but that you took the time to play with them. The reason they will remember is because slowly these things will impact their lives to form them into the person they will be.

If you are constantly harried, yelling and fuming about the mess the house is in or how why are they arguing again?, then this is their memories.

I do not want my children's memories to be mostly this.

Yes, there is a time for discipline, but sometimes I notice that I want things to be neat, tidy, orderly and quiet!! Sometimes I have to just let them be boys and be noisy and laugh until they cannot stand up.

What kind of memories are you making today with your children?


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Our God is really bigger than I think sometimes..

I went to MOPS this morning and a couple came from Missoula that have been trained with Crown Ministries and I was sitting there thinking about our “budget” or lack of one and the subjects of tithing among others. I was sitting there feeling guilty that we were not able to tithe at all the last while, but then I realized how, yes, we were not able to tithe always, but God provided for us when we had no income for more than one year. We lived on savings, when truly we should not have had savings.

God provided for us in a way that I know was only Him, and I saw it as it was His blessing on us for giving to Him, not just a lawful 10%, but the attitude of giving from our hearts was there and He blessed us later for that.

It just made me instead of mourning the fact I cannot make a normal budget…(because everytime I try I realize it is impossible for us to live) I will rejoice that God is my provider and I know He will care of us like no one else can!

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