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of the top 5 books I have read lately that I really enjoyed.


The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio :How My Mother Raised 10 Kids on 25 Words or Less by Terry Ryan

I really enjoyed this book because this woman took horrible life circumstances and instead of moping, complaining etc., prayed alot, and used her head to support her family from their home. What I was really struck by how her children said over and over, how happy she was! That really made me think about how do I present myself to my children.

#2 In His Steps by Charles Sheldon

I know this is not a new one, but it was one of my favorite books and I decided to re-read it recently. It really makes you stop and think not only how you conduct your life, but how you treat other people.

#3 Why the sky is Blue? by Susan Meisner

A mother of 2 is brutally attacked, raped and left to die. Discovering she is pregnant, makes her face some deep soul searching and tough decisions. (My paraphrase!)

This book was not terribly enjoyable, but showed how one family was affected by one persons selfishness, and not only them. They went on to make something beautiful from the evil in rejoicing in the life that was given and how God blessed the beautiful girl that came from such evil.

#4 The Yada yada prayer group gets down by Neta Jackson

I know, I know, this is the weirdest sounding book and sounds like a silly fiction novel someone shouldn't read. It can be soul searching. It is about a group of ladies who are from all different races and backgrounds and how they had to learn to love someone who was unkind to them. It is really real life stories of women facing difficult issues in life and made me think about some issues in my life and how to deal with them.

#5 A Song for Your Honor by Kay Evans

This book, though last on my list was one of the best. Maybe not for fantastic writing, but for the story! If you have not read it, it is worth to pay the money to get it.

I was selling this book recently and someone came up and told me that their nephews had just married one of the girls in the book. That was kind of neat to have that connection! It is a story of how God moved to do the impossible, in spite of human error and suffering.

Anyhow, if you ever have good books to recommend, let me know! I hope you enjoyed reading about my top 5!


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It all started so innocent….

We have been having a fun summer experimenting with some different things for school or really just learning made funt his summer. We are reading alot of books! Today Paul picked up a harder book than he has been reading and attempted to read it aloud! It is a good progression for him to make as he didn't want to try before, but just look at pictures. He has been at least reading one easy reader every day for the past couple weeks and it is paying off!

This morning we went to the story hour at the library, it was all about bears and they enjoyed that. They did a craft and then when we came home we set up a station outside with the sheet and paper bags with finger paint. They had some things and glue to glue to their pictures too and had fun making a mess. It was easy clean up outside though!

Then they started playing in the mud! They were laughing so hard and having so much fun, I let them get so absolutely filthy! I do not think I have ever let them get so dirty! You should see their faces though, they were bright and happy…..


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And then this!

It actually looked worse in real life than in the picture! After a long shower to get all that dirt out of their hair, I wonder if they are truly clean yet! The fact of the matter is, that they had tons of fun!

I am not eager for them to do it again, but since I was looking for some good play options, this one was fairly cheap (besides the water bill) and made them very happy for a hour at least!

I guess my method of summer school is a little different. We have been doing different things everyday and still some bookwork also.


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The oldest

My right hand man!

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I know I already did one of Lee recently…

But I really liked this one!

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I said….

i would post a couple of pictures of the other boys. Here are a couple I took today!

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Fear of death or more perhaps the unknown

Paul came in tonight sobbing because he was thinking about how it would be if his dad and I died and he would be all alone.

I started thinking about what is the right wya to handle this? I ended up telling him that I wasn't going to die before God let me and that someone he loves would come and care for him.

I remember this fear as a child, so i know it is a real fear. I still sometimes worry about how I would handle if I lose a loved one of mine. If I still worry and wonder, how can a small boy deal with it? How have you ever handled the topic of death?

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To finish the story

We had frozen pizza the first night with salad, we had to keep moving fast to get everything done.

Everything went really smooth, until the last dinner. I should have started the chicken a little sooner, but we had to do snack first so as soon as it was done we cut it up and put it in the oven. I soon noticed somehting was wrong! The oven was not hot enough!

I had like 50 pieces of chicken and it was slow cooking! The other 30 piece and tray of tator tots, were in the other oven.

I was trying to figure out a fast solution and so sent Regina to ask if it was okay if dinner was a little late, which was very embarrasing, then I started frying chicken on top of the stove! Grease was everywhere, chicken flying (literally- I dropped a piece that I threw across the room, of course it had to go in the garbage!)

But thankfully dinner was not too late and the children really liked it! We had green beans, applesauce, tator tots, and brownies with the chicken.

The clean up took forever! We mopped and mopped and people kept coming in and out. You had to clean out the drains and everything. We were so tired when we left, I am still tired!


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I am back!

I made it…… I alive? Hmm, I think I can barely feel my feet, but I think I am alive! I basically worked straight for the 4 days, on my feet from 6 am- until after 10 and am so tired! A hot bath sounds good!

The kids liked the food, they loved Miriam and Regina. The kitchen was really nice to work in. I would love one of those big sprayer things and my mom needs a commercial dishwasher!

Anyhow, it was a ton of work and I don't know that I would do it again. Maybe once in a year it may be okay!

The children had alot of fun. They would ask questions in the meetings sometimes and the other kids (older than Paul) didn't know, but he did.

We had to have a talk about how you do not always say everything you know, even when you know it. I was embarrassed and proud of him, if that can be a combination! Everyone loved them and it was fun for them to get to do stuff with all those kids.

We had fairly large breakfasts so we had to get up at 6 am, which is not too bad if you get to bed at a decent hour! But who can sleep with yelling, running, pounding boys in the next room combined with a few girls….probably my sisters.

This morning, I was heading out in full speed to set out hot cocoa and thought I heard a noise and looked towards the stairs, running full speed ahead into Regina!! It knocked the breath out of both of us and we both just stared at each other. It is was like “Where did you come from?”

We served all the meals as well as fixing them, so breakfast the girls looked half asleep and wanted to do it with their eyes closed and then by dinner they came alive! They all these adoring fans hanging on them by the end of camp!

I will write more about it tomorrow, like what I cooked and about the chicken episode!

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Did I think this would be fun? Well, it is in its own way. it is a ton of work though, I am surprised how much work and stress it is.

We got about half of the shopping done, most of the non-perishables bought and the rest will have to be done on Mon. On Mon. we will go to the wholesale store, Costco and other grocery stores to get the meat, bread, etc. the perishable stuff and then drive about 45 min to the camp. We cannot get in before 2, so at 2 we will be there hopefully. We will have to unload, organize and cook dinner to have it ready by 5. Do you think we can do it?

I sure hope so! I am just praying I do not get sick! All the shopping, lack of sleep I have had lately and stress from planning has not made my immune system the best.

I may be able to write again before I leave, but if not….I will see you on Thursday!

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