To finish the story

We had frozen pizza the first night with salad, we had to keep moving fast to get everything done.

Everything went really smooth, until the last dinner. I should have started the chicken a little sooner, but we had to do snack first so as soon as it was done we cut it up and put it in the oven. I soon noticed somehting was wrong! The oven was not hot enough!

I had like 50 pieces of chicken and it was slow cooking! The other 30 piece and tray of tator tots, were in the other oven.

I was trying to figure out a fast solution and so sent Regina to ask if it was okay if dinner was a little late, which was very embarrasing, then I started frying chicken on top of the stove! Grease was everywhere, chicken flying (literally- I dropped a piece that I threw across the room, of course it had to go in the garbage!)

But thankfully dinner was not too late and the children really liked it! We had green beans, applesauce, tator tots, and brownies with the chicken.

The clean up took forever! We mopped and mopped and people kept coming in and out. You had to clean out the drains and everything. We were so tired when we left, I am still tired!


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3 responses to “To finish the story

  1. drewsfamilytx

    Way to problem solve! And fried chicken tastes much better than baked chicken…mmmmmmm…. But it is definitely messy to clean up!

    Glad you survived, my friend. šŸ™‚



  2. Martha

    Thankfully the chicken was partially cooked inside and it as just the outside that had to finish cooking! Whew! I am so glad I lived!


  3. Anonymous

    Sounds like you were beyond busy. Glad you survived.



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