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I was going to tell you that I am planning on doing the drawing on Monday. If someone wanted to enter still and did not, pleae do before Monday!

I should have done some wonderful question list or something, I guess! Okay, it is hot and I am not too creative!

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The Secret Life of Becky Miller

I read this book last night and was really amazed by it! It could have been me in so many ways!

A mother of three who loves her children, and dreams of doing great things. Instead it seems like life hands her lots of lemons! She is too overwhelmed to make lemonade and is just trying to keep her head above the water. Her baby's eardrum bursts, the church that she helped organize the ladies ministry seems to not appreciate her anymore because she does not have a degree, her husband loses his job, and all through it she imagines herself fighting or conquering unknown wonders or missions of the world.

In the end she sees through a magazine article how she quietly affects people's lives without it being something big or great. As a mother and wife, a gentle encourager of people she had more of a effect on them than she knew.

Of course there were ways I was not like her, but I could really relate to this book.

It is new, just published by Bethany House

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Today was an encouraging day! That is the best way I know how to describe it. There were as many hard things in as there are in other days…maybe a few more as I was very forgetful today and not only forgot about Lee's speech therapy, I forgot it was time for Fred's medicine box to come and we all left the house.

But in other ways there were so much encouragement. A lady from church invited us over this morning to play in the water, the boys had so much fun. There were lots of things to do in the yard and see and they al had fun…almost no crying all the time we were there.

She is a mother of 6 and encouraged me that I was doing the right thing in my homeschool efforts. I was feeling discouraged because I was looking around at others and comparing. I realized that is never a good thing to do!

The boys are happy, bright, well adjusted, and what more can I ask for? They are healthy. A sweet 7 year old boy was there who also has down syndrome, and seeing the scars on his chest from open heart surgery and feeding tube etc. made me so thankful that they have not suffered any serious illnesses! This little guy was so sweet though, and it was nice how the whole group all played together fairly nicely! We are all so different looking, yet with a few bumps and struggles, the children didn't really care if some have darker skin than others, some are handicapped or not, they all enjoyed themselves.

Sometimes I wonder why we as adults cannot be more like children? I was cringing at some of the news lately, so I avoid seeing it, but all the fighting and pain going on, it was nice to see the little ones from all over get along! (Minus the minor “It is my turn now to play with the bat, he won't give it to me” and “Oh, look, your baby did bite my baby! Wonder why they didn't cry?”)

Anyhow, I just have to get my office cleaned up and ready for school and the boys room organized. I took a shelf out to use it in June and their room has been picked up since then, but not clean. Everyone keeps going barefoot too so I can barely keep up with mopping. The dirt piles on the floor faster than I can clean it!

So, with all the discourging things in this life, be encouraged! Life is always worse somewhere else…God has blessed you, and even if things get worse He will take care of you!

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Heat Wave

It has been so hot here! The last couple days have been over 100 and I feel like if it doesn't cool down soon, I am going to scream!

I have that lethargic feeling of “I do not want to cook, eat or move”. It is not humnid thankfully which makes life alot more miserable and I have fans which is nice! I remember in MN just sitting down at Lake Superior all day when it was hot. The water was so cold, but it felt good on a hot day!

Anyhow, just thought maybe you would like to know why I have not been writing…I cannot even think straight!

Also my mom was visiting, she bought a new van and is selling her other car. She got a good deal on the van. It is the newest thing she has ever owned! My grandma also is visiting and Fred has been building and doing drywall for the last week which was nice!

Just a quick overview!

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Arms of Deliverence By Tricia Goyer

Would you like to win a free copy? Leave comments on this post and I will be drawing a name to win a free book!

I have met Tricia personally and heard her speak. I was very impressed with the quality her books hold compared to most regular fiction.

Even if you are not a fiction reader I think you will enjoy these books. Enjoy may be the wrong term as they are true to life fiction that was not always happy.

I was also impressed that she is not only factual, but she homeschools as well as many other things in the community.

One of those true super moms! You will also enjoy reading her blog which I have linked in the following post and see her lovely picture there.

If you want a book that makes you think and is well written, I recomend this one!


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Want to read a really good book?

Arms of Deliverence By Tricia Goyer

Here is the Summary:

The fourth and final novel in this exhilarating series capturing the tales of men and women swept into World War II. Two friends, Mary and Lee, land similar reporting jobs at the New York Tribune on the eve of the war's outbreak and soon they become competitors. Mary's coverage of a bombing raid over Germany leads to a plane wreck and an adventurous escape attempt from across enemy lines. And when Lee hears of Mary's plight, she bravely heads to war-torn Europe in an effort to help rescue her friend. Will there be enough time for diplomacy or will war get the best of everyone?

ARMS OF DELIVERANCE: The Story Behind the Novel

(Written by Tricia Goyer) The Idea:

The idea for Arms of Deliverance came one day as I was researching for my novel Night Song. I was watching a video that talked about Lebensborn homes in Nazi Europe. These were homes where young women birthed children for the Reich. After all, to have a “Thousand Year Reich” the Germans needed future Aryans. That was the first layer of the story.

The second layer came when I was researching my novel, Dawn of a Thousand Nights. First, I was studying these amazing women who risked their lives during WWII. (Dawn of a Thousand Nights involved female pilots who ferried US planes around the country.) Other brave women who risked their lives were female war reporters, and I knew I wanted to write a story about them. This sparked my interest too.

Throw in my intrigue of B-17 bomber crews over Europe, and you have the first three elements of Arms of Deliverance. The fourth is a Nazi officer in search for . . . well, you’ll have to read the novel to find out!

The Research: The first thing I did when I started researching was to check to see if I could find any veterans who were there. I got a hold of an amazing group of men with the 91st Bomb Group. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of guys. You can check them out at their website ( Be sure to take time to look at the photos and read the TRUE stories from the 91st!

The men gave me all types of information. They gave me the details of exact flights, actual photographs from that time, and they shared their personal experiences and stories.

Of course, God always surprises me with “abundantly more than I ask for or imagine” when it comes to research for these stories. Here’s one of those God-gifts: One thing you may remember from photos of old bombers is the nose art, which highlighted the bomber’s name. During my writing, I kept praying for the perfect name for my bomber—something to tie into the book.

During my research I met a veteran from the 91st Bomb Group named Jack Gaffney. Out of the blue, Jack suggested I use the name “Destiny’s Child.” (This came years before the music group!) You see, Jack was a ground crew member and a nose-art artist. He painted the nose art “Destiny’s Child” and other B-17 Bombers.

At the time, Jack had no idea of premise of my novel included the Lebensborn homes and a special child. Is that cool or what?!

To see Jack’s nose art, go here: Jack's nose art

Okay, here’s just one more cool story . . .

I’d previously read books about the underground resistance in Belgium, and I knew I wanted to include that in this novel too. In order for that to work, I need to set my novel in a Lebensborn home in Belgium. There was only one of these birthing homes in all of Belgium, yet I could find very little information about it from books or the Internet.

One day I was praying about how to get information, and God reminded me I knew someone from Belgium. I’d met a historian Roger Marquet at a World War II reunion. I emailed Roger and asked if he knew how I could find information on this home. “Oh, yes, I grew up in that town, and I knew the woman who manages the castle where the home used to be.”

Imagine that. I knew only one person in Belgium—someone I had met two years early—who had the exact information I needed. Is that another God thing, or what?!

The Writer: I have to say that I am changed in some way by every novel I write, and this one moved me deeply. You see, as I wrote about the rescue of a special child, I had no idea what God had in store for me and my family.

One month after the novel was written, my husband and I sat down to discuss something that had been on my heart for a while—the adoption of another child. I won’t give the story behind the novel away, but as I reread it I could see clearly through my written words what God had already been placing on my heart.

I will keep news of our adoption of a baby girl from China updated on my blog Tricia's Blog !

What’s Next From Tricia Goyer:

Currently, I’m working on my fifth novel, A Valley of Betrayal. It is the first novel in a three-book-series on The Spanish Civil War, which took place in Spain, pre-World War II.

Of course, there is more to my life than fiction. I’m also a wife, mom, mentor, and a children’s church leader, and I also write about these aspects of my life. Generation NeXt Parenting will hit store shelves September 2006.

If you’re a parent, like me, check it out! Curious?

You can read the first chapter here!!! Tricia's Blog


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Children playing in the water

They all had a ton of fun getting wet. The water was nice and shallow so we didn't have to worry too much. Fred enjoyed getting into swim and Paul was attempting to also!

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Fred -Jetskiing

It was April, Moriah and Phillip's birthdays, so we all drove a ways to a lake and went jet-skiing. The boys played in the water with the girls and everyone had a good time!

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Hans on pony

We were able to with the local MOPS group, go on a pony ride at one of the ladies houses. She had this beautiful 18.5 acres with ponies and horses. She had a really nice garden and we all rode the pnies and then had a picnic on the grass. It was great to get out and have a relaxing day of visiting without having to worry the boys could hurt something or do something they shouldn't. There was lots of toys and stuff to do!

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T. riding pony

He was afraid to touch it, but did eventually grab a cluster of hairs to hold loosely. It was the biggest dog he had ever seen, and what was mom doing making him sit on it?

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