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Do you think life ever slows down? I was just realizing today though in spite of all the things I am not doing, I am happy. I am not in college achieving good grades and degrees. I am only a stay at home mom raising 4 boys, when some days I wonder if I am raising them or they are dragging me!

I cook meals that disapear and my fridge is still disorganized! In spite of all of this, I am happy! I have 5 boys/men in my life who love me very much! They get excited over things like apples and brocolli! The other day H. says “Mom, it has been a really long time since we had broccoli soup. Do you think you could make some?” The next son says later in the day “Can I have a sandwich for lunch?

“We have no bread” I replied

“Then can I have some brocolli?” He asks all excited

Sad to say we were out of that too and something else was for lunch, but I rejoice I have children who love healthy food.

Anyhow, just rambling away here!



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Frugal Friday Tip- Saving money on books

One big thing to save money on books is not to buy them new, ever. It just seems like that almost any book you want can be found used in brand new condition for at least a few, if not more off of the retail price. Also, before you decide you want to buy a book, go to your local library and check it out first. I know many time I have heard people say “Well, my library does not carry those books.” Somewhere out there, there is a library that does and libraries are for the people. They want to know what you want. Request books, get your friends to request books and believe me, the library will start buying them.

We moved to a small town with a small library and had a hard time finding the books we wanted. We were limited to 3 Interlibrary loans for each family member and we usually had them all used up every time. When I moved from there, they started when we requested a book, buying it more times than not, and then they started buying books on the similar subjects because they saw how much those books got checked out! I worked at the library for a couple of years and learned how it worked and was surprised how many people just give up and do not use libraries because they think they do not have the books they want. The library here knows me by name as I request so many books! and Ebay are great places to buy books cheaper and more often than not it is another homeschool mom you are ordering from, selling it after she read it, depending on the books you wanted.

I sit down with the catalog and go through and search for the books I want to read first at the library. Then if it is somethng I badly need to read then I search to buy.

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I have barely been here!

All week I barely turned on the computer! It was really nice though as I had some wonderful company! I will write all about it when I have chance!

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Frugal Friday Tip- Cheap, easy soup recipes

For Biblical Womanhood (See link in sidebar)

When I need to save money on food we eat alot of soup! Now I am not talking about boring soup, this is really tasty soup! I have had so many compliments on just a bowl of soup that I have made, that it is worth it! I found that I like soup with just a bit of meat in it, not alot, but just a bit. A little bit can go a long way in soup if you make the pieces small enough. It flavors the bowl and doesn't leave you wondering where the rest went!

This soup though I like, you can put meat in it, but I like it without. I start with 2 qts chicken broth and add 4-5c. cubed potatoes and 1 c. celery diced. Simmer until potatoes are soft and add seasonings to taste. Salt and pepper are good. Serve with a small spoon of sour cream in the soup. It is different than regular potato soup and so easy and fast to make.

Another one I like to make is what my husband calls “Russian soup” I guess to show the difference between it and Borcht! (measurements are apx. as I do not measure when making soup) I will fill a pan half way with cubed potatoes, add water about 4-5 inches above the potatoes and start to cook. In another pan I will saute 1/2 finely diced onion, 2 grated carrots. Add a little water to your pan before adding to your potatoes. Add about 1 T. chicken boullion to pot, salt to taste and 1/2 c. rice. While those are simmering, take 1/2 lb-3/4 lb. ground meat and form into tiny meatballs (1/2″) drop slowly into simmering potatoes If it looks like you need more liquid I add more water. Simmer slowly until rice and potatoes are done and meat is cooked through. Add salt, pepper to taste and little bit of fresh dillweed.

I could go on all night with different kinds of soup! We eat soup several times a week and enjoy our soup very much! A piece of homemade bread and bowl of soup cannot be beaten!

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Raining and raining

It has been raining and raining! It is nice because it is too warm to freeze, but too cool for fires to spread anymore and they are getting them all mopped up.

What are some of your favorite activities for children to do when it is raining?

We have done puzzles, board games, read books etc. But are looking for some more ideas…..


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Tea Time

I just have to hear the words to get excited! It brings up all kinds of pictures in my mind when I think, but it is something that I really enjoy. Maybe it is because when I was young my great-grandfather on the few occasions we got to visit or he visited, sat down with us with little tidbits of things and we had so much fun giggling over our tiny cups and cookies! The other fond memory of tea is sitting at my grandma Bobbie's breakfast table while she served us breakfast and hot English tea with cream and sugar. I still remember how good it tasted and the warm fuzzy feeling you get inside when you are full from tea!

It seems like too when you have pretty cups and teapots, it makes it even better. It is like you are pampered while just sitting there in your own home.

It doesn't take much, just a pretty plain teapot and I got some very pretty cups cheaply and my boys and I can sit and have a cup of tea with some sliced bread and jam. Maybe if I made cookies we can have those or some bits of chocolate. Tea time can be a time of bonding and sharing. A time your children can look back on and remember like I do with my relatives.

It takes time, but it will be worth it!

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Ebay items

I am trying to list a few things to sell on ebay so if any of you are interested have a look. I have a couple of book lots up right now and will be adding other things.

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There has been so many things…

going on and yet some of the things I cannot write down. One thing is taking care of my grandma. She is older and we all love her alot, but she is very stubborn and we are not sure what to do with her. I don't even know if she is really thinking things through, but she badly wants to die. She is not that bad off though so it takes her neglecting her medical care to die a very horrible death eventually. In the meantime she thinks the doctors are all after money and just want to treat her for more money. I got frustrated as we have been working hard to try to get her what she wants and one roadblock came up and she blew up and threw a major tantrum. I hate to say that, but it reminded me of my baby! Anyhow, please pray that everything goes according to God's plan, not ours.

It has been raining and cold lately which is nice for the fires, no more smoke, but the boys have been sort of wild. I remembered what it was like in the winter so lots of school and I will be busier!

I bought another computer! It is actually the first one in my life I have ever bought as my dad always gave me old ones or he bought me this one and gave me computer memory for my birthday. Either I will use the new one or let the boys use it, I am not sure, but it will help alot with school as I have a bunch of school/learning CD's to use. Also, I am hoping that P. will want to write some things. Anyhow, I stumbled on it on a homeschool site so hopefully it works well! It sounds great and it was right at the right price range! $175 and he is paying the shipping. I have been looking for one since we got our tax refund for the boys school so this is nice.

School is going well. Even with running places we have been getting done!

Well, I have turkey bones simmering on the stove and the house smells like winter! I have bathrooms to scrub and laundry to do and I have to take F. somewhere soon!

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Biblical Womanhood’s Frugal Friday Tip

I really enjoy reading Crystal's blog (I am pretty tired and have forgotten how to post a link in my post, but her link is in my sidebar) and she has a Frugal Friday's tip day!

My tip is about homeschooling cheaply. When it comes close to school time, I look around my house for schoolbooks that from the year before I have not used or that people have given me. I have found that when you homeschool often people will give you books that they do not need anymore. You can use them or what I do if I cannot use them, is sell them and use the money for the schoolbooks I needed. Most of the ones I get were from garage sales, second hand stores or give aways. I sold a few textbooks I picked up at the library at $1 each on and got enough money to buy the rest of the school books I needed. Next year I will sell the non-consumables we will not need again and buy new things.

Other things I do is borrow schoolbooks, like expensive teacher's manual's or buy used.


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Look at my socks, mom!

Isn't my outfit just the height of fashion, mom?

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