School Year

We atarted school last week and we found a really good schedule that works for us so far. I just hope I can keep it up all year! It is not too intense though so I should be able to.
A brief overview is:

Mom-Rise at 8 or before

Boys rise and dress, breakfast at 8:30

School starts 9 am

Handwriting and Phonics until 10:30

History 10:30

Break from 11-1 and lunch

Math 1:00

Naptime 3:00

3:45 snacktime

I have some chores and meal prep in there for me, but it is fairly basic.

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One response to “School Year

  1. Lilyofthevalley4

    Looks good, Martha.

    I’m still trying to set a basic time schedule for us too. At least now we have been getting up a bit early so that helps alot!


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