Biblical Womanhood’s Frugal Friday Tip

I really enjoy reading Crystal's blog (I am pretty tired and have forgotten how to post a link in my post, but her link is in my sidebar) and she has a Frugal Friday's tip day!

My tip is about homeschooling cheaply. When it comes close to school time, I look around my house for schoolbooks that from the year before I have not used or that people have given me. I have found that when you homeschool often people will give you books that they do not need anymore. You can use them or what I do if I cannot use them, is sell them and use the money for the schoolbooks I needed. Most of the ones I get were from garage sales, second hand stores or give aways. I sold a few textbooks I picked up at the library at $1 each on and got enough money to buy the rest of the school books I needed. Next year I will sell the non-consumables we will not need again and buy new things.

Other things I do is borrow schoolbooks, like expensive teacher's manual's or buy used.


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2 responses to “Biblical Womanhood’s Frugal Friday Tip

  1. Anonymous

    Great ideas!

    Thanks for participating in our second Frugal Friday!



  2. Anonymous

    Always looking for ideas! I saw a bunch of books at a library sale the other day. I thought about buying them just o sell on 1/, but didn’t maybe I should go back and get them


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