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Thank you for the notes of…

encouragement. Things are doing better. My youngest had a double ear infection on top of his asthma and so we are struggling through antibiotics now, eating yogurt and life is sort of consumed by school.

It is going good though! We are getting handwriting and phonics done every morning and this morning my second born got everything done before 10:30 so we will do some extras today! I do not even have to get up that early, we just get up by 8 and everything runs smoother.

I have some things to sell, but need to find time to list them. It took me forever to ship the last thing I sold, which was bad! I usually am fairly good at that!

Anyhow. we are all done with our school for the morning so we are off to bible study.

Oh, also it looks like we may have figured out the extra expenses and at least in a month or 2 will not have to pay that!


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Life can be overwhelming at times….

It seems like it never just rains, but pours or is dry.

You know what I mean? Either everything hits me all at once and needs to be done at once, or I have nothing that has to be done right away. I am feeling overwhelmed right now with all the responsilbilties I have and trying to make good decisions on money and finances. I worry that I may end up having to get a outside job and I have no idea how I would actually do that. Anyhow, pray for me that something will come up! So far we have had so many blessings and not been struggling much at all, but some things are coming up that will drop our income so I am a little bit scared! Then I look in the fridge and it is half empty again….. Everything takes time or money and when you do not have much of both it is hard!


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School Year

We atarted school last week and we found a really good schedule that works for us so far. I just hope I can keep it up all year! It is not too intense though so I should be able to.
A brief overview is:

Mom-Rise at 8 or before

Boys rise and dress, breakfast at 8:30

School starts 9 am

Handwriting and Phonics until 10:30

History 10:30

Break from 11-1 and lunch

Math 1:00

Naptime 3:00

3:45 snacktime

I have some chores and meal prep in there for me, but it is fairly basic.

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Why do we need toys?

All we need is kitchen utensils, life-jackets and cardboard boxes! My boys have toys, but all my kitchen utensils disapear all the time! They can become whatever they want! They are horns (otherwise known as funnels), swords (otherwise known as pancake turners) or any other matter of their imagination! Give them a few hats and just watch them go! My third son was sitting and playing a whole game with the huge ladle! A cardboard box becomes a house, a springboard, or just a thing to climb on!

So, instead of toys, I guess I will just fill up the kitchen drawers as fast as they are emptied and forget about the boxes of toys in their room!


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The 2 youngest

They were having alot of fun playing with my big ladle that mom got me! It is huge! One scopp can almost overfill a bowl of soup! They had the cutest smiles though!

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Boxes of Fruit

I bought several boxes of fruit and tomatoes to can and thought you would like to see the stack! I know it is not as many as some of you do, but for me all alone, it was quite a acomplishment. The picture of the finished product was just the first batch! The peaches turned out really pretty though and I put them in my aunt and uncles root cellar.

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Finished Product


September 5, 2006 · 11:13 am