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Winter time and God’s provision!

Winter is here and it makes life a little interesting for people with driving jobs. My husband had a interesting morning. He leaves about 6 am and at his first stop, he needed to check the oil and the bus just died! Thankfully he was near the bus home station, so they traded buses and told him later that it was so good that it died there as if it had died in one of his remote locations he drives to it would have been hard! It was a something that just happened at that time, something in the electrical system. Anyhow, it must have been God's plan that he had to check the oil then and it would not start! It is amazing how God take care of us in little ways.

We were talking about the difference there is driving in the snow, suddenly there is no turn lanes, no lane markers on the pavement and the first drivers make the space! We stopped by the library today to get a couple of holds. One was the Little Town on the Prairie CD's, so that meant that the 2 older boys sat in the bedroom totally silent which was a huge relief! It didn't prevent the younger 2 from trying to clean the bathroom with shaving cream, and try to help me in many other ways. It was so helpful as you can imagine!


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Contest for free book!!

Okay, just in case you all missed it…I am having a contest for a free book. You need to guess where I was born….it is an unpopular state and it hasn't been guessed yet!


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Snow, snow and more snow!

It started snowing on Thanksgiving and has been snowing off and on since then! This morning though things got cold and they closed the schools and canceled MOPS! We were glad as that meant Fred got one more day off work and he needed that!

I think there is about a foot outside! We want to go sledding before it gets too deep! I remember standing outside with our neighbors and being so excited it was snowing. “Will it stick? No, yes, maybe???”

We loved to sled and could not want for winter. How things change when you are a grown-up and have to drive on slick roads. Anyhow, I haven't seen any guesses on my contest! No one is interested? It is really a good book! Maybe I didn't review it good enough! So what state was I born in?

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I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all had a happy thanksgiving! We had a really nice time, everything went smoothly and no arguments even! The cranberry relish of course was the best part of the day….I wonder why I do not make it more! I need to have something to look forward to at Thanksgiving!

It snowed though, sad to say, and it was tons of “fun” driving to my parents and back. It is 90 miles and the when you do it slow, you feel a bit tense when you finally make it!

The boys were all grumpy when we got home which is always hard! A lack of sleep really helps that!

Did everyone have a chance to look at the review I posted? I need an idea for a contest for a free copy….maybe you could guess which state I was born in?

It is one of the unpopular states!

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Generation Next Parenting by Tricia Goyer

Do you want to read a really different sort of parenting book? Generation Next Parenting is the book!

Did you grow up in the 80's? I sort of missed out on the typical 80's stuff as we didn't have a TV and I didn't go to public school, but you will still enjoy this book.

All the while I was reading it, I kept thinking “I have to remember that!” or “I need to copy that and hang it somewhere!!.”

Packed into this 279 page book is 26 chapters with titles like “I’m gonna live forever” (The Heavenly reality) and Danger Zone (Organized Activities-how much is too much?). She speaks about how she transferred her life goals and what was “normal” to her children. She realizes her daughter did not want to be in Ballet and her son would rather read and write dramas then play soccer and that was okay! She helps you to think this through with your children in the way God looks at it.

I had to read the book slowly, but savored and learned from every chapter. Tricia again hits the hard topics in a way that doe s not make you feel like the mountain is impossible to get over, but there are practical ways to reach your goals in parenting.

This book is available in local Christian bookstores as well as

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Frugal Friday Tip- Making your own centerpieces

Alot of times around the holidays, people like to decorate a bit more for holidays. It may be for a special dinner or birthday. Whatever the occasion here are a few different centerpiece ideas.

– Butternut squash vase- You use a butternut squash and slice the thinnest slice of the bottom to make it flat. You do not want a hole in it so water leaks out, so be careful. Then on top using skinny strips of paper, make a criss-cross pattern with spaces in between. You may have to glue them down, but short enough so people cannot see them! Fill vase with water and fall colored flowers. Place on a saucer in case of leaks, You can place fall colored leaves around the edge of the squash and plate.

– Candle and Evergreen centerpiece: (WARNING: This is only for decoration- not for lighting the candle as it could be a fire hazard. I would trim the wick down too low to light)You start with a foam block about 4 in by 8 in. and 2 in high. In the direct center make a small hole (you want a taper candle to stay straight in here) Around the candle lay evergreen branches, gluing them down with either hot glue or super glue. When have your foam block completely covered with overlaying branches. Spray with fake snow if you have it, lightly!

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A wonderful sale at TEACH!!!

If any of you like to save money, this is the time! TEACH is having it's first ever sale!

Items are up to 75% off!

* Sale ends Wednesday, November 22 at midnight PST and supplies are limited.
All sorts of things are included including:

* Back Issues, Anthologies, Gift Sets, CD's, and ebooks

* You can also combine sales from the regular bookstore to work toward a bonus level.

* TEACH Magazine is a real ministry that inspires moms to presevere ever since 1998!
Also, in case you want to even save more there are FREE Bonuses of over $135.00 with a $100 purchase. One of these is a wonderful biblical hero action figure that talks! This alone is a $25.00 value.
* $76.00 of FREE Bonuses with a $75.00 purchase.
* $27.00 of FREE Bonuses with a $50 purchase.


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Busy, busy, busy

It seems like lately that I get to the end of the day and it is so hard because I know tomorrow is the same thing again! I am so tired! I just feel a little worn down and have not had much energy to even be on the computer, but just have to finction. I think it is because the boys energy levels have been extremally high the last few days and every time I turn around, I have to quick turn all the way around because otherwise they will be doing something like:

Putting mustard on the piece of flannel I bought for a craft

-Balancing on the top of the microwave

Sneaking peanut butter into odd places, like the bathroom, bedroom etc. and I could go on and on, but then what would you think of me?

It is mostly the youngest 2, because I am keeping the other ones busy all day with school and other activities. My oldest has been crocheting. Yes, I know, it is not the most manly thing to do, but you know, he will sit for hours doing it? Listening to a tape and crocheting…..I am happy with it!

We are doing some co-op classes twice a month and last week was embroidery and sewing. Next time is a science class. The first one we did was making pizza for lunch! They really enjoyed that one!

Anyhow, I have been wanting to get into a better exercise routine. I do one at night before I go to bed, but it is hard for me to do it all with interuptions. It would be nice to have a walking machine or bicycle to just mindlessly exercise, but then I guess I would miss vital parts.

I have more ripe tomatoes to deal with. I am thinking of making more salsa and actually canning it this time. What do you think? You think I feel up to it? No……and just thinking about the holidays makes me feel so much more tired. Oh, my!

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Frugal Friday Tip: Gift Giving

Gift giving! It seems like at this time of year we all start to think of gift giving! For me one reason is because even though we did not celebrate Christmas growing up with gifts, we had 4 birthdays in a short amount of time. Now with relatives added to the bunch we have even more!

Joann's is having a huge sale this week on all sorts of fabric, patterns, craft supplies and I have been able to get things there to make gifts, fairly cheaply.

I bought over 2 yards of fleece for about $4. I can make scarves out of it, a small blanket if I want. Flannel is on sale for $1.99 and $2.99 a yard. What about one of those old fashioned nighgowns? I got some really nice patterns for nightgowns, also on sale for 5 for $5.

You can also branch out! If you know someone who loves crafts check the foam sets, paints, wooden pieces and make a craft box for them. Also I saw some wooden puzzles at Joann's on sale and the most wonderful candles that were 40% off.

Other ideas:

Art box – my great-grandfather made one for me and it is the present I think I had the most fun with. I remember it the best. He bought cheap paper pads from a print shop (They are really cheap), an ink pad, a rubber stamp with my name on it (I still have it!!) some stickers, paper clips and pens.

Gifts in a jar: there are all sorts of websites on this, but I know my mom made bath salts that were nice last year! Pair it with a candle (Look at special stores like Joann's, Bed bath and Beyond for clearance ones) and you have a spa gift.

An old book from a used bookstore, a mug (under a $1 usually) and box of tea or hot cocoa. I have traded books I got for free for an old book I wanted.

Puzzle and some hot cocoa – Look at second hand stores for brand new puzzles for pennies

A cookbook- check second hand stores, used bookstores, library sales for these. Make a coupon that they can pick a recipe for you to make and come over and share together.

Well, I have more tips, but I will stop there! I am not a salesperson for Joann's by the way, but I do live down the street from them!


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Good deals and other subjects

If you like to sew, I went to Joann's today and got some fabric for pajamas for me. It is an incentive for me to get my office/sewing room back in order. They had this fabric that is satin on one side and flannel inside that I am going to make up. It is so pretty! I just hope I know how to sew on it! Best of all it was only $1.99 a yard. I bought what was on the bolt so it was $3 for almost 2 yards!

I also got a piece of crushed Panne Velvet that was $2.99 a yard for a skirt for me. It is a pretty wine color. I have to get sewing now as otherwise I will feel guilty!

I also got a piece of fleece for a scarf. I am making a box for Operation Christmas Child and am going to put a scarf in it. It is really easy to make as no sewing, just snip the ends to make fringes on a length that is about 6 in. wide. It was long enough for me or my husband.

It has been cold so our first snow didn't melt!! I just hope the road stay okay, It is a little nerveracking with Fred working on the roads all the time and snow and ice coming up.

I made this tasty soup today that was very different. You took cauliflower, a potato, and a tomato with spices and green onions and cook it in milk slowly until soft. I used part milk, part water. Then you blended it up and added a bit of cream and I topped with a bit of cheese. It was different, but very tasty. You could not taste the tomato really, but it gave a special flavor that was wonderful! I ate it with Olive oil and cracked pepper Triscuits.

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