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TEACH magazine!

I got my winter issue of TEACH this last week and it was a very encouraging issue! I have to say i got a kick out of the article “Pantry ponderings” by Lorrie Flem. I think you just have to be part of a big family to understand what she was writing about! It sounded just like my mom’s thoughts! ,p> I am the oldest of 11 and we couldn’t count how many times we swept the kitchen floor and yet it looked like we had left it all day! = )

Lorrie was pondering why it was easier to organize a pantry of a family with 2 children compared to her own of 8 children and compares the differences! My sister and I were laughing together by the end!

There is a large ad for Homeschoolopoly which I purchased, but have not had a chance to play yet! It looks like alot of fun!

In the review section they reviewed “Project Packs” the Curious George one almost had me buying it! They are activity packs using books and have everything included in them. It sounds like just what this mom needs sometimes!

If you have not seen this magazine yet, it is worth your subscription price! You will be saving them or passing them to your friends all around this time! Check out their subscription deals also, if you subscribe for 2 years you will get over $100 in free gifts mailed to you! I think too if you give gift subscriptions they will send you a special free gift also! The website is

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Do you think I have been away long enough? Wow! I finally figured out how to post and had to do on my “new” computer, and it wouldn’t let me log in, it didn’t like me, I guess!

Well, it has only been a week, but I have been busy and forgetting many things that at night I lay down and mull in my head about! Like “Did I remember to write that check down? What was I supposed to do tomorrow? Oh, no, do I have to go to the store again?”

It has been cold! I went up to my moms last week briefly and first it snowed wet snow, then it rained and then it froze! Thankfully the roads were pretty clear so we have not had much trouble with ice except on driveways. On Fri. I was so tired from driving home and staying up all night with T. and tending the fire at mom and dad’s, but I decided to go Christmas caroling anyway. When we got to the house to visit, I was so tired, i did not make much sense talking and babbled on about nonsense until I thought I am never going to be able to face these people, I have to go!!!! = )

It is good for me to read other people’s blogs like Biblical Womanhood, Islandlife, and others that I read and see that they too have days where their house is not clean and everything well put together! Lately it seems like I can never keep up with everything! I lay in bed thinking of more things to be done and think hopefully “Tomorrow!!! I will get it done tomorrow!” Another year is coming and here, it went by so fast. My baby is not much of a baby anymore, laying all stretched out on the bed, he looks so big! Anyhow, I hope you all are doing well, whoever happens to read this!

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Okay, I think this is working now…. maybe not?


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Frugal Friday: Easy and cheap homemade gifts

I went to a small christmas party yesterday and you were supposed to bring a homemade gift that was worth $5 or less.

The gift that I got was really neat and something that looks nice, but is cheap! In a small plastic bag she had one small orange, one small lemon, two cinnamon sticks, a tablespoon or so of cloves and 2 Bay leaves. You attach a small tag with raffia with the instructions.

Scent of Christmas: Cut lemon and orange in eighths. Simmer all ingredients in a pan of water. Keep adding water to make it last several days.

The other gifts were homemade fleece scarves, chocolate covered pretzels and a candle centerpiece.

The Candle centerpiece was really nice. She took a tall clear glass (I am not sure how to describe it, but it was about 8 in. tall and 3 in. wide) She filled it with small round metal bells. On top of them she used a small clear glass votive holder with small candle and wrapped christmas ribbon around it with decoration attached!

Something we used to do alot when we could not afford gifts was gives gifts of time or services. I know I would appreciate a babysitting coupon, car wash coupons, or just a “Come over for tea” coupon!

Another idea which is not homemade, but after the holidays, so you can save money on birthday and other gifts you need throughout the year, check clearance after the holidays to stock your closet. I have found wonderful gifts for throughout the year for a couple dollars!

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I have been a blogger for….

over a year and half now. I was copying my posts so if something happened to them, I would have a record as I think it would be neat to print it out and then put in a book with the pictures with it! Don't you think?

I was thinking about goals last night (I guess it was really early this morning). I have a couple goals for my life that I wonder if they will ever get accomplished. Some of them are silly sort of ones, but others are like

– Owning a house

-Becoming a EMT or maybe a Paramedic

-Traveling to other countries, especially Europe, and just traveling in general. I like to fly and would like to just go see some places.

Has anyone read Sisterchick books? I know,I know, they are silly, but you know I hope when I am older that I have a “sisterchick” to go traveling with me!

Another goal is to make sure my children have a good education and good able-bodied citizens. Sometimes it seems like that goal is far out of reach! But we are working hard on that every single day! The boys are doing okay, I just see things all the time where I think “They could do better, they should do better….” etc.

Life will be busy again this week, (When is it ever not for me?) but I just wanted to remind us all of our heavenly goals. These earthly goals will come and go, whether we fulfill them or not. Our heavenly goals will live with us forever and the things we do for others, the soft spoken words when we felt like yelling, singing when we feel like crying, will last longer in our hearts than these temporary goals!

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The Winner is……

Diana MIller! Congratulations Diana! I am happy that you won this and hope you enjoy it!


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Happy birthday to me….

and the winner is…….well 2 people guessed the right state- Diana and Priscilla and wonder of wonders..Priscilla got the town right! You do have a good memory!

28 years ago I was born in Redding, CA. We lived in Weed at the time and mom and dad drive all the way down there to the hospital. As far as they have told me, they drove part way there and mom started wondering if it was real. Dad turned around and headed back home, but mom was too much in doubt so they went to the hospital anyhow. Mom's labor was about 9 hours long.

So, I guess I will draw names between the 2 right guesses and post the winner later today!

Another thing that was interesting on the guesses is it showed all the different places we lived. We lived in OR and my teacher from school lives in WA. now. We did live in MN also and WA. Those are the main places we lived besides MT. We also lived back east for a short time in Wash. DC, but that was under a year I think.


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