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Birth Stories

I know alot of people like to read birth stories, I am one, but I figured not everyone does, so I have been slowly writing and posting  mine on a different blog account I have. <p> If anyone feels like reading them, feel free!  Birth Stories


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Frugal Friday- Baby gifts

It seems like the last few baby showers I have been at there are usually alot of clothes and not as much of the things that  the mom will need in the future, so i like to give something a little different. <p. My favorite gift is a book! <p> My babies always loved books, the hardbound ones with the bright colors, but they cost alot to get and give as well as buy yourself.<p> I have discovered though that Borders usually always has  these kind of books for under  $3 in their bargain area. They will also wrap the gift for you as well for free, which saves you the cost of wrapping. <p> I found the nicest cloth books there int hat section as well as the board books. <p> I also was at the Dollar Tree last week and  found  Kingfisher baby board books for $1 each.  Thee was 4 different ones which make it nice to give   as you can give a whole set for $4. <p> 


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It was warm today!

It finally decided it was summertime here, I think! I like summer, but I do not like heat! I am very thankful our house stays nice and cool for the most part. I opened the windows at night and placed a fan in the window all night. It is still cool in here and it is 7:30 pm!

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TEACH magazine

Well, this is a little late to be blogging about my Summer issue, but Summer just started and last night it was 37 degrees here, so I can wait, can’t I?<p>  I really enjoyed the theme of this quarter’s issue of TEACH, it was "Quiet times in Loud Homes". I know we can all relate to that!  I grew up in a house that was rarely quiet and sometimes I wonder if things will ever be quiet here and quiet time? What is that? <p> I realized a few weeks ago how important it is to make sure that I take the time for it. I know  we all learn that  we as mom’s do not need the all important "mom time" this world talks about, but I did learn that we do need to take some personal time away from everything at times to make sure our relationship with God stays in the right place. It makes our everyday lives much easier when we do this, even though it may be hard to take  1 hour or 2 a month alone with God,  I think we would notice a huge difference in the amount of stuff we get done, or maybe just our attitude towards it all.
<p> One of the big features of the magazine this month  was a new feature called  "Merchant Mama’s". It features every issue 4 or more small businesses that are  just ordinary people like you and me and introduces them to you! I really enjoyed reading about how each  featured business was started. I had to chuckle at the one about Kimberly Eddy (Joyful Mama). She had written a book about how to survive on one income, but then the day the books came was very stressed about money . Her husband suggested she read her own book  as "some woman learned how to be content on one income" he said! <p> The seven tips for attaining quietness with children was a good article that I sorely need to put into practice!  I do some of them already, but they were good reminders!<p> The recipes from Marilyn Moll (Urban Homemaker)for fresh peach ice cream and strawberry ice cream tempt me to buy some ice and make some with my ice cream maker.  I have not done that in years and years. When you don’t have fresh milk it makes it really expensive!  She reccomends a cookbook called Simply in Season that sounds really good! <p> There is so much more in the magazine! It is like a good visit with a friend! Make sure you go and take a visit to the  TEACH website it is just a beautiful page to visit!

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A few more pictures

The Lumanaria for Nichola Files, my penpal

One of the Lumaniaria for Grandma

My youngest……he was doing pretty good for 5 am.

Camping is alot of fun, but when mom wakes you up this early, not so fun!  My husband bought the tent before he was married, so no choice on the color! It was funny because in the dark, you really cannot see it!

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Relay for Life

Yesterday evening was  Relay for life here in town. It was alot of fun, but I am very tired and sore today, not as sore as I thought I would be after walking until I could walk no more, i think I went over 19 times around a 1/4 mile track while also running across the field several times chasing boys and keeping up with them. Then of course we slept in a tent, which at 4 am it threatened rain and actually rained for a bit, just enough to get us up and putting stuff away!  After a very early morning breakfast of  cinnamon rolls, yogurt and orange juice donated by local businesses

This was  the word Cure written in Luminaria bags on the bleachers. It said HOPE at the beginning of the evening and in the morning it was CURE.<p>

2 Very energetic boys who ran until they dropped and are feeling some of the effects today, not as much as I wished they would though! <p>

The back of the boys shirts! We walked for my Grandmother as well as my long time pen pal!

<p> There are more pictures, but i am so tired I do not feel like loading them up yet!  I will post a couple more of  the boys in the tent also!


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My sisters Hope chest party

For my sister’s Sixteenth birthday my mom wanted to have a Tea/Hope chest party. <p> We were not able to do it right at her birthday so we did it the end of May.  It was fun and we all enjoyed ourselves! Many people dressed up old fashioned and took alot of pictures, then we scrapbooked them after we had an elegant tea.

She got alot of nice gifts for her hope chest that is also pictured there! <p>

Another one of my sisters with my youngest nephew! Isn’t she  just the prettiest picture of motherhood?


Some of the guests and a partial view of our tea table.  It was held in my mom’s birth center. My sister made lots of different  wonderful little  things for us to eat with the tea. It was really good!


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Great site if you have boys…..or even if you don’t<p> This mother of several boys herself has started this business with different things just for boys! She is also the owner of Hope Chest Legacy <p>www.hopechestlegacy.comand Sweet and Simple clothing<p>When I have ordered  from Hope chest legacy, the order is wrapped like gifts, the packaging is  beautiful. I am sure her other companies are the same! <p> The clothing company is  just starting so does not have a huge selection, but she has a 40% off sale right now on what she does have, which is beautiful little girl’s dresses and bloomers. <p>

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A good busy….

We are busy, but it is good busy! It is fun to spend alot of time with the children and doing things with them, even if I am spending a fortune in gas the next couple weeks!

We stayed home most of the week before except for the needed trips out which was good for my organizing! The hallway and living room are not quite put together, but thanks to my dear husband, the laundry is all caught up!

The boys are in swimming lessons for the first time! They are doing great for the first 2 lessons, although it was been a challenge to deal with public restrooms, showers when you are the mom and have little boys! How do moms with all boys deal with that? Just trust their little boys into the huge caverns of bathrooms where you cannot hear them, see them and i was about ready to march in there and find them if they did not show up soon today! I would love tips on this! I can take the younger ones in the girls room, but there are girls in there showering, not the best place for them to be! H. put his face in the water today which was a plus!

I am participating in Relay for Life this year and so have been busy raising money and trying to organize everything for our walk on Friday! It will be a long day, but I think it will be fun. We are going to set up a tent so the boys can go to bed and hopefully I will not have to walk all night! I need to get to bed so save up rest for it! My grandmother and one of my good friends, a penpal suffered through cancer, so it has touched my life in a personal way as I am sure it has manyof yours! It has been a good experience for all of us I think.

My mind sort of went brain dead onmeal planning this week! I am waiting for sales to do grocery shopping, but it is hard to think of cooking when you are busy! Children and husbands still get hungry though…..They are funny like that!

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Alarm clocks?

Does anyone else find that even without a alarm clock you wake up on time for the day? At the same time everyday? I tend to wake up when the sun comes up. So in the winter I struggle with getting up early, in the summer it is much easier!

this morning I woke up and thought it was monday! I was laying there planning how to get everything done when suddenly it came to me, if it is Monday, we skipped Sunday! Oh no, it is Sunday!!!

I was ready for Monday, but not Sunday yet, so there was much racing to get everything done!

Yeah, well, monday is going to be a bit busy!


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