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Frugal Friday- Homeschooling cheaply

It can be hard with book prices rising to find a good curriculum when there are these wonderful programs that sound wonderful. <p> I do not want to cheat the children out of a good education, but yet, I cringe at the thought of paying  even $200 per child, per year. <p> So,  I have found you make things work for you! <p> One thing if you order directly from the publisher, like Pathway especially, you can get stuff really cheap. Miller’s Home school books (which is difficult to find their address) also sells  school books for cheap that are  quite good ones. <p> This spring when Pathway had their yearly sale, I bought a bunch of the books, the workbooks were $1.20 each, the readers were about $3-$5. I bought a lovely art curriculum from them also, for a couple dollars!  It is wonderful! For  the first time my sons are enjoying  coloring!  I know that sounds ridiculous, but they really have not before now!  The other thing about them is if you order over $25, shipping is free with pre-payment. Even if you do not order that much, shipping is like $3. <p> Christian Liberty also has some really cheap workbooks that work fairly well!  I am using several of theirs this year again.  <p> I like alot of hands- on things even with workbooks, so  I am using the many resources I have to  make  my own.  I  did splurge  or need Math-U-See for one of my sons,  but before I have used BJU math because  I had the Teacher Editions and so I did not have all the other stuff, so I made my own.  We used wooden apples in math for counters and other things to help my son  learn subtraction.   We are starting Math-U-See this coming Monday, so I am hoping it goes well.  <p> Anyhow,  our budget was well under the normal, but since we have alot of other books around the house, I am using them for some of the other subjects.


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Copyright issues

Did you know that  copying a magazine article if you copy it several times and use it as a handout is violating copyright? I did not know that!   I realized this this weekend after being in a class where I was handed a nice put together compilation of articles from of a variety of magazines. I started to think  about it. I guess, it may be fine if you get permission,  but if you do not get permission it violates fair use of the document. <p> You are allowed to make one copy usually for your own use, but otherwise it is  wrong. <p> So, if it was you, would you talk to the person, even though you did not know them  about it? Or would you store it away for knowledge for a rainy day?

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It feels like harvest time for me! I have been canning, not tons like some people, but a bit for me!

i made pickles this week- 12 jars- Today I canned a batch of peach jam and 8 jars of beets. My freezer is full of meat, frozen peaches, apricots, raspberries, cherries and i made a large batch of meatballs today also, so put a good sized bag of those in the freezer. <p. It feels good! I still have some cucumbers, but i have to see if they are still good for pickles as they are a couple days old now.

I just wish I had more food to can without having to buy it! It would be so nice to have a large garden, although a ton of work…then I would also have to brave the spiders and other bugs that love green leafy plants. I am really not that scared of them, but crawling on me…..eeww. I shake all over at the thought! I have been scared to weed my one bed ever since the last time I did i had a very large spider that resembled a hobo on me. I did not wake to discover what it was, and I have not weeded it much since! P. likes to do it for me, and it is not done as well sometimes, but oh well!

I picked several roma tomatoes today and a zuchuni. I don’t get alot from my tiny garden, but I do not have to buy fresh tomatoes all summer! Oh, my pepper plant also has had some nice peppers.

The weather has been beautiful, today we went to a small park down the street for lunch. It was really nice minus the bees that showed up when my sister tried to eat a sandwich with meat on it, but the boys all got some really good exercise.

I sent in my letter to the school district today for intent to homeschool. We are working hard, hopefully we see some good progress here. P. is still struggling a bit with reading, he can do it, but it is hard work. He does not like it yet. H. on the other hand struggles more with the math side of things. I just pray that I can keep everyone on track the whole time, sometimes I feel like I am being pulled in 5 different directions! With the nice weather, I would love to ride my bike some, I have not been able to for years!

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Truly helping others….

I was trying to think of the times that i have said  things that are just trite sayings, as  I read Stacy’s McDonald’s blog post on this. <p>  I really liked this post  by Stacy McDonald she posted, it is so practical! <p> I have to think of a sermon a couple of weeks back that the pastor shared about how sometimes words do not mean much, but actions are much better.  <p> This post talks about how saying "Get some more rest!" and other such words are just so empty!  If you can help out, please do! If you cannot go, then sometimes a card really can be an encouragement!<p> If you  can’t help, well, i guess keep commenting as at least then they really know you care,  but probably give a hug too!


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Busy Sunday

Weren’t supposed to take a day of rest sometime? I am sure we were, but I decided that I should go to chruch with my husband at least twice a month. He attends a church in the afternoon, so we went in the morning to church together and in the afternoon.

The only problem was it is held right at my youngest son’s nap time, so it made it is little hard to concentrate. I got back after he fell asleep and got to hear the end of the church service. It was a long service, but not quite three hours, so we got home around 5:30 pm. after being gone almost all day.

I have alot of pickles to make today, laundry to do and put away, and jars to collect before I make the pickles. I think I may have found some down the road, so that is not too bad! Right now we are working on school! I got a late start this morning as for some reason, I was just so tired. I had a nightmare also before I woke up that did not help matters of my in-laws showing up without notice, the house was a wreck and i left 2 of my boys at the library! All horrible things to me!

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Frugal Friday- Good Sales Albertsons today and tomorrow

If you have an Albertsons around you anywhere, check out their three day coupon sale.  <p> They had Ground Beef for .89 a lb Limit one<p> Cheese blocks 8 oz. .99 each Limit 2<p> Butter $1.48 1 lb. <p> 3 boxes of Kelloggs Cereal $3<p> They also have a deal if you buy 2 gallons of milk you get 2 boxes of free cereal. Milk is really expensive right now, so it may not be a savings. <p> Also, if they are out of anything, make sure to get a rain check!

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Summer is sort of coming to a close….

We think, maybe, or maybe not…our state is fickle….you never know what the weather may do. We had such a hot July, then August has been so nice and cool, it is almost cold lately! <p> One Tuesday we went to the produce stand  down the road and bought a bunch of fruit and vegetables. We had some of the best corn on the cob that I have had in a long time. It was really tasty! I got a bunch of chicken legs that night that we baked and I stuck a bunch in the freezer because that way we can just pull out a leg for a quick lunch. It is better than a hot dog! Back to the produce stand though, I bought a box of peaches and a box of apples. It was like 20 something pounds in each box. <p>They are mostly just to eat, but  I went to  a friend’s house today to help her can peaches. It was fun! The children pulled beets, and got all wet playing in the water. It started raining right before we left, which was nice.  I drove her to her car, then headed home  to try to get dinner which was nachos, then  take care of my grandma. <p> It was a busy day! Thankfully my headache was not here today, I think alot of it was stress.  <p> Well, my freezer is full, I have not as much canned goods as I would like, but you know, I think life will be okay! <p> Has anyone else been shocked that milk prices jumped up today? I was amazed today at milk and cheese prices even at Costco, where usually they are cheap, they were cheaper than other places still, but  jumped up still! I guess the price of feed and everything really is showing. I sit sometimes and think about how it would be nice to have a cow again. I heard today that one family who co-ops their milk  for $5 a gallon!  That is unbelievable! You know what is worse? People pay it!  If we sold ours for $2  a gallon, it used to pay for itself without selling very much. I am sure costs have gone up…so maybe that is why?  Is their milk that good? Well, it sure would be nice sometimes. Too bad I dislike goats milk so much! <p> Well, 4 days of school done, tonight my oldest son was doing  extra math.  I know he likes it, but won’t really admit it, I think my second one is going to be a reader though! He  is taking to it better every day! We are reading a Pathway reader right now,  it takes me back to when  we had this little school three days a week and homeschooled the other two.  I remember my little sister reading those same readers with our neighbor. We are all grown up now and have a bunch of children ourselves. <p>Anyhow, so, tomorrow, I am going to teach school, maybe make some peach jam, meet to help plan food for a wedding at our church and take each step of the following days, one at a time!

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I have been not doing very well, physically getting headaches. I am not sure why, but tonight is pretty bad.

I have been under alot of stress, I guess, so praying that eases up!

School is going good, I have to stay on task though and make it a routine. Hope you all have a good night!

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First day of school!

I guess I should take a picture! It has gone really well today. They started with some grumbling and complaining, but I am planning on being a strict teacher, they may not like it, but so far it helped to straighten them up and before 10:30 am. We had alot of work done. We went to the library for the last day of summer reading program celebration, where they had ice cream, picked out some books etc.

I am sort of frustrated with the library as they are weeding out all the old books to replace them. The problem is they are not very good at getting books that people like to read really and if they get rid of the old ones, then there is not much left! I am going to write them a letter.

I did get a bunch of Bobbsey Twins series in the front for sale for .25 apiece, as well as several other nice books and 2 movies. I got a couple for a present which I know someone will like also! I also stopped to hang up a couple of posters for MOPS. The one place I stopped had an old Cherry Ames books as well as a Danny Dunn and the homework machine! I thought it funny considering today is the first day of school!

Back to work for me! We are in the middle of chore time and P. is working on spelling. The rest are ready for Art almost. P. has history and spelling to yet.

So, my prayer tis year is that they learn really, really well and are reading really good also by the end of the year. They are reading, but I want them to just take off!

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If I have not love….

This post on Biblical Womanhood
touched me as it is so true. Sometimes we do not see that we value things, or even our feelings over love. this of course is a homemaker’s paraphrase, but the chapter hold so much meaning! Check out her post if you have a chance, but meanwhile, think on this chapter!
Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I have become as a sounding brass or a clanging  cymbal. <p>

Though I have the gift of prophecy and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and though I have all faith so that I could move mountains, but have  not love, I am nothing.<p>

And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor and though I give my body to be burned, but have not love, it profits me nothing. <p>

Love suffers long and is kind, Love does not envy, Love does not parade itself, is not puffed up, does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil, does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth. <p>

Bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. <p>

Love never Fails. <p>
I think of that last line. Love never fails. I think that sometimes we do not understand what love is, really. We think we do, until we are tested. When someone accuses us wrongly and we react in anger and say "We love them, but they are so wrong that someone needs to show them the  right way. I am never speaking to them again." I have felt this way so many times, but God has been showing me how that is not  love. Love is not being nice when people are nice to you and speak well of you.
Love is when we are falsely accused and lied about, spoken badly of and we still are there loving them and not speaking badly of them in return.  I think this  is one of the hardest tests of being a christian. We read above how  we can have  gifts of the greatest kind, even give ourselves as a martyr, yet it would not count for anything if we do not have love.  Yet, how often do we  behave rudely? I have been guilty of this?  How often do we get provoked by something someone else has done in the name of  "standing up for ourselves"? <p>  I have  also been reminded of another verse that I memorized as a child often this past few weeks,  <p>
Love your enemies, Bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, Pray for those who despitefully use and and persecute you, that you may be children of your Father which is in heaven.<p>
Do you think that is an easy command? I have had people tell total lies about me, I have had people who hate me. It is so hard to love them, pray for them and do good to them. Jesus could not have known how awful they are, could He have?  <p> I think He could know. I think He could know the pain of being betrayed by one of his closest friends.  I think of some of the experiences I have had that I do not share with others as they are just too painful sometimes to face. It is hard to realize that  Jesus was not saying that they did something that was right, but  that He was giving us something to do about it.  <p> His way does not look easy to the naked eye, but we must remember "My way is easy and my burden is light."


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