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It is another beautiful day here!

We just completed our errand day, things went smoothly and in under 2 hours we got pretty much everything done we needed to. <p> I had to register the car, and when I got there, there is usually a long line, but today it said their computers were down. Hmmm, my tags expire today! Why did  I wait until the last day? Well, because it is not a nice place to go into with little children. There is no chairs usually as they are full of people and you wait a long time. It is right by the school district as well, so if it was school hours, I do not want to draw attention. So, I waited until my husband could go with me. Anyhow, I paid for it and they will send me tags in the mail and hopefully if I get pulled over for it, she said explaining the situation would help! I also paid for permanent tags which means that I do not have to go back until the cars die and we get another one! Yay! <p>
I got all my Usborne books yesterday! I got alot of books, but alot of them are small, but full of pictures and information. I also got a set of wrap-ups for multiplying, which I hope is a fun way to practice! I also bought a copy of Paula the Waldensian (one of my favorite books), Missionary stories with the Millers and some audio books from a used seller, but they are like new. When we get through the  book we are reading now, I am going to keep going! <p>
I planned a week of meals before grocery shopping. I hope  they are the right ones! Here is just the dinners<p>
Wed:Pizza  Green Salad<p>
Thurs: Taco Soup<p>
Friday: BBQ meatloaf, baked or mashed potatoes, zucchini<p>
Saturday: Cabbage Rolls Mashed potatoes (Note: Enough for Sunday)<p>
Sunday:  Fellowship meal: Cabbage rolls / Popcorn, pumpkin bread, cut up apples in evening time<p>
Monday: Haystacks<p>
Tuesday:Chicken Fried Rice<p>

I have alot of peppers to use and wanted to make something with them, so I may change a few things as the week goes on like the Chicken fried rice maybe stir fry and the meatloaf may be  Stuffed Peppers, but it sort of depends, but they take similar ingredients!


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Roasting pumpkins, Soup and muffins, Reading

I found this link that tells how to  cook pumpkins really easy. It is the way that I usually do it, but she detailed it so easily!Cooking pumpkin link

I made Apple Cheese muffins yesterday. They did not rise terribly high, but were really good with our soup last night. Our soup was wonderful!  Here are the recipes below!

Roasted Chicken vegetable soup

I roasted a chicken and a pan of roasted vegetable and made extra to save for the soup. I took potatoes, carrots (sliced) and 4 cloves of garlic minced and a T of oil and cook until soft and brown on the bottom. Then i took the leftover chicken and the juice from it and added to the leftover potatoes vegetable mixture.

I simmered the  chicken bone with some celery ends  and some salt to taste for about 2 hours. <p> The next day I added some more potatoes, diced carrots and celery. Cook until tender then add cooked leftover vegetables and chicken. Add 1 t. parsley and salt and pepper to taste.  It was really good! This made a big pot! Enough for our family for dinner, another small family for dinner and enough for our dinner tonight! <p>

Apple Cheese Muffins

I found these in one of my cookbooks-

1 1/2 c. flour

1/2 c. finely grated cheddar cheese (I doubled the recipe and used about a 1/2 of cup)

1/3 c. quick cooking oats

2 T. sugar

2 1/2 t. baking powder

1/4 t. salt

1 beaten egg

3/4 c. milk (I used powdered milk)

1/3 c. oil

3/4 c. finely chopped apple (I used all the apples that children ate and left some of the core still)

Mix dry ingredients and cheese. Make a well. Add wet ingredients inside this.  Combine. Mixture will be lumpy. Fold in apples.  Fill greased muffin cups 2/3 full and bake at 400 for 18-20 min.

I also made 2 loaves of bread with wheat flakes in them. I have not tried it yet as it is for dinner tonight, but I sent one over to the person’s house for dinner

I  read Exodus last night by Leon Uris. I watched the movie when I was younger and then again recently and although it is such a sad, sad movie, it really details the conflict in the  Middle East in the beginning and the struggle  over there.  I had started the book a long time ago (like when I was 16), but never finished it.  I am glad I finally did as it ends slightly better than the movie which leaves you feeling slightly hopeless and depressed.  It reminded me of  the Zion Chronicles by Bodie Thoene.  I read those also as a teenager, and  wonder how people keep living over there. But  all through this  you have these Jews who lived through the horrors of the camps, now fighting back for their country, they wanted their own nation. You have the family disagreements, the dead of course, the bombs and in the middle you have  the fact that this is the Bible Land and they are quoting bible verses all through it. One verse Isa. 59:10 was interesting to me that was quoted: “We grope for the wall like the blind, and we grope as if we had no eyes. We stumble at the noonday as in the night, we are in the desolate places as dead men. ” She was thinking of it in reference to the Jewish people who came out of the Holocaust. <p>

Anyhow,  these stories always affect me somehow, I am maybe easily affected, but maybe also because I have read many, many of the true stories to know the struggles. It is 474 page book and it was put into a book with 2 others, so that was only one third of the book I had. I spent all evening reading it, but it was harder to sleep again afterwards.


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Apple recipes I am going to try and other ones

This one on Tammy’s recipes, sounds really good! New Year’s Apple Challah<p>
I made Baked apples yesterday, which are so simple! You just core whole apples, leaving them whole. Fill the core area with a mixture of brown sugar, cinnamon and raisins if you want! Add some water to bottom of pan. Bake until soft! Spoon the caramel type sauce that forms on pan over top of apple! <p>
I used to make an apple preserves that were really good! I found that recipe today! i don’t think I will be making it as I have alot of jam already!
This one sounds really good and would be a good breakfast that is different. Apple-Cinnamon French Toast<p>
I need to come up with something for the next breakfast at MOPS that is a main dish also. I am not a huge breakfast or egg person, so I am going to try some different egg casseroles this week to see if we find one we like.  Does anyone have any favorite, good filling breakfast ideas that are transportable? <p>
I would also like to make  that I have not made in a long time. You take a sweet rolls dough and fill the center of it with apples. It is sort of like a pastry like  dessert that is not too sweet. <p> Do you think I will do it all this week? I don’t think so!


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Fall days

I do not know what to title this post, so I guess I will write and then see what I think of first!

It has been a really nice quiet weekend. It was cold, but I was blessed with being able to find coats for both the boys who needed them. One was free and the other was $6.74 used, but a good brand so it was worth it! It was in really good shape and a Columbia winter coat. We also got some baking done! Apple crisp, pumpkin bread with broccoli soup!

Today was another fall dinner, roast chicken, roasted root vegetables and some zucchini, and baked apples. I am bringing someone dinner tomorrow and decided to make a large pot of soup with the chicken broth and the extra roasted vegetables I made on purpose. It is simmering right now and it smells good! I will make some rolls to go with it and probably an apple crisp or some easy apple dessert! It will be easy and simple.

There are leaves all over the yard! I should take a picture of all the black bags lined up though of ones already picked up! It is amazing how many are generated from one tree, pretty much!

I am still plugging away with the boys book. I read this morning though instead of tonight!

I really love this time of year and hope that this winter goes slower! I was thinking about what a good year this has been. I never like my birthday to come around, but this has been a good year. I have at least more than a month yet before I am too ancient….

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I was able to get some good deals on produce today! i spent a little under $25, but I bought 79 lbs. of apples which hopefully I will be able to not only eat with my apple loving family, but can some pie filling. We really like apple crisp so I think we will make a big pan tomorrow! <p> I also got for that $25, 3 heads of cabbage, a large bag of beets, 4 cucumbers, 4 zucchinis, 12 red and yellow large peppers, 3 buttercup squash and I don’t remember what else, but the fridge is full of vegetables again and I am excited about eating them up! I made caramel apple dip tonight from Tammy’s recipes
It was good and a nice treat for dessert! It asked for sweetened condensed milk which I was given a whoel lot of it when my husband came home from his family’s, so I am always looking for creative ways to use it. <p>  It was a exceptionally nice day yesterday, it was so warm! We spent almost all day at the park, we took a walk and the boys played on the playground, we ate lunch. I met a friend there and my sister and we visited. It was so nice! It felt really good to be outside, I have not been outside for awhile like that. Fresh air does wonders! <p> I am reading a book to the boys slowly, (Yay! It is so hard for me to read aloud). It is about a young girl who thinks it will be so neat to be a missionary and goes on a mission trip to the jungle and finds out it is alot of work and not usually fun, and the natives do not all get saved right off.  They got attacked by a large croc in the beginning and the boys loved that part……
I am on chapter 5 or 6, so I am doing good! I love to read and read all the time, but hate, absolutely hate reading aloud for long periods of time and am trying to conquer myself.


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Misc life…..

I am happy this morning for little things! You know, I  slept in this morning and actually slept! It felt really good as I have not slept in a long time. <p>
I got a shower this morning, which was  really nice and my hair was was not frizzy. <p>
I have my clothes in the laundry- they are all washed ready to be hung up to dry<p>
I got the pot holder out from behind the stove that fell there!  Yay!!<p>
The boys are very happy this morning in spite of me being slightly lazy and are full of energy. School is being done slowly.<p>
They are memorizing bible verses and yesterday my five year old was reciting  "And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and favor with God and men."  I got this tape with verses with songs and they say the verse first and he learned it so easily! I am so happy about that! <p>
It is beautiful outside today! The sun is shining, even though is chilly, but it is a really nice fall day. I love this time of year so much!<p> A man came this morning and changed our electric meter, I am not sure exactly why, but it only took him a few minutes. <p>
My oldest son is learning his time tables. It is a hard thing to do, but he is plugging away at it.  I was trying to remember all the things I did to memorize them. It seems like something you work  on and always need! <p>
So even though there is lots of things I could tell you that are not so positive, they will always be here and  I am sure will be more tomorrow, but so will the good things! <p>
One thing, I am really praying for my aunt and grandparents. There was one fire three miles from my grandparents and my aunt and uncle were evacuated from their house even though it is still standing right now. It is very scary for them!  I know there are so many people losing their houses down there, I just pray that people do not lose their lives as well.

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Dried apple wreaths

Today we made dried apple wreaths at MOPS. I used a idea from a  website here.
We used straw wreaths and I had alot of dried  apples that were over dried and not edible. They turned out very different and really pretty! I will have to try to hang mine and take a picture of it! We tied cinnamon sticks to it also to decorate them and so it smells nice.
It was a good way to use up these apples that someone gave me already dried and not waste them <p>
Tonight we are going to have scalloped potatoes for dinner! I have never really liked mine, but am going to work to see if I can make some that  we all like. I had a friend who made the most wonderful scalloped potatoes, but I think she used american cheese in them and i never buy it.
<p> My Usborne book party went over well, it was hard for me to  not stress about having people over, but it went well and was fun.  I ended up with quite a few  books in the end!

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Frugal Friday- Using up Pumpkin

We visited the pumpkin patch locally here, twice this month, once with the MOPS group and once with homeschool moms from church. In the end we came home with 8 pumpkins!
This of course is wonderful and i am pulling out all my recipes for pumpkin and of course, like I said in the last post, looking for more. Here are a couple of my favorites already! They are wonderful frugal ways to use up pumpkin.
Pumpkin Bread
2/3c. butter
1 2/3 c. sugar
4 eggs
1 can (16 oz) or 2 c. pumpkin
2/3 c. water
3 1/3 c. all purpose flour (I have used part whole wheat)
2 t.  baking soda
1 1/2 t. salt
1/2 t. baking powder
1 t. cinnamon
1 t. ground cloves
<p> Heat oven to 350. Grease 2 large loaf pans with shortening or cooking spray (I like to use shortening rather than oil  as otherwise they stick) or 3 smaller ones (not the real small ones, but the smaller loaf ones)
Mix butter and sugar, add eggs, pumpkin and water. Blend in  dry ingredients. Pour into pans. Bake until toothpick comes out clean, about an hour and 10 min. Cool slightly before removing from pans.  Store wrapped in the fridge.
Pumpkin Sheet Cake
I actually tried this one last winter with winter squash and pumpkin. It turned out good, although the winter squash was a little more bland.
4 eggs, beaten
1 c. sugar (I cut it in half already, if you like things sweeter, you may want more.)
1/2 t. salt
2 t. soda
2 c. flour
1 c. oil
2 c. pumpkin
2 c. flour
1/2 t. cinnamon
The more you beat the eggs, the higher the cake. Mix altogether and bake in jelly roll pan at 350 for 20-25 minutes. I do not remember, but I think I added more pumpkin and cut down the oil a little, (Later, I have used more pumpkin and only used 1/4 to 1/3 c. oil in the cake). It is really good with cream cheese icing, but  that sort of takes away from the frugal part of it, unless you get it really cheap!
I am thinking about experimenting with pumpkin Whoopee pies…..I have not had those in a long time. Hmmm, I would have to get brave, those are alot of work!


Postscript: Question in comments asked how I cooked them. I have found the easiest way if I want mashed pumpkin, just to halve it, pull out the seeds and place  skin side up in a cookie sheet and bake until soft. Then I scoop the insides out and mash it up. We also like the pumpkin seeds fried.
Tonights dinner was Cheddar Chowder. It sure was good too!  it cost about $3 to make and we have plenty for another meal.

It is all full of potatoes, carrots, celery and some turkey ham in a cheesy, creamy sauce.


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The weather is getting chilly!

It is been a nice fall, but it for sure time to get out the coats even though  the boys think they are fine without them. <p> Yesterday, H. finished his reading book, so he was excited! i was excited for him too! Anyhow, we had been invited to go to the pumpkin patch again with some people from church, so I decided  to go ,because it was a day where they really needed to just run! <p> It is a little spendy, but you do get alot of pumpkin to take home, so I guess that was good! <p> I have been trying to figure out if I should attempt pumpkin butter as it sounds so good, but  most of the recipes I find say it is not safe for canning. I am not sure how to freeze it as none of the recipes I have found are for freezing!  Otherwise I will be cubing the pumpkin and canning it that way, then later mashing it for pumpkin bread etc. <p> One nice thing about the weather getting colder, is it is so nice to curl up with a book.  I read a book last night called "Oak Leaves". If any of you have not read it, I would encourage you to check if your library has it. It was a really good book.  It is fiction, but a good fictional read.  It is a family, nowadays and their long ago relatives. They carried a genetic disorder called Fragile X, but back a long time ago, they did not know what it was called and called it a curse. It was interesting to me to see how God used this in many people’s lives.  <p> I also read another book this last week called Miss Willie by Janice Wiles.  It was an older book, and sort of reminded me of Christy, but not in the ways I disliked Christy. <p>  An older maiden aunt comes to teach school in the hills and finds a life for herself there. There was one scene I could have skipped, but I skimmed fast over it…that is what is nice about books. <p>


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Menu Plan

Menu Plan
Lunch- Tomato soup
Dinner-Taco vegetable soup<p>
Lunch-Leftover soup
Dinner-Cheddar Chowder- Rolls<p>
Lunch- Tuna Sandwiches
Chili Feed (Chili)
Dessert- Strawberry cake<p>
Lunch- Leftovers
Dinner-BBQ muffins Borcht
Snack-Ham and cheese rolls, tea and cookies<p>
Lunch-Ham and Cheese rolls- Salad
Dinner-Borcht, bread<p>
Dinner- Scalloped Potatoes, steamed vegetables<p>
Dinner:Chicken rice skillet<p>

Now, let’s see if we can stick to it!

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