Frugal Friday- Clearance at stores/Cereal sales

I don’t know if cereal counts as a frugal food as milk is not that cheap, but lately I have gotten cereal so much from .50-.80 a box for good cereal. Yesterday I got 8 boxes of  17 oz. Oatmeal Crisp General Mills cereal for .80 a box!! It was on sale  for 8 boxes for $18, then if you bought 8 boxes you got $8 off of the cereal. I had two coupons  for $3.50 off 8 boxes of cereal that had printed from buying cereal before, but often they have cereal coupons in the aisle.  We are way stocked up on cereal! Since it is winter and cold, I have them on a shelf in the shed to store them! One had almonds in it and the other kind had raisins! Yum! <p>  I also went o Bath and Body Works, I think the sale may end today or tomorrow, but they had lots of things 75% off of nice lotion, $4-5 for all their signature lotions and body wash, $2 for some kinds as well as some wonderful minty lip balm, a large tube! I had a gift card there so was able to buy some, but some of the tiny bottles were only .75-1.00 and some was .65!!!
<p> JC Penny had coats, gloves, shirts,  all cheap! We got pajamas for $2.79, very nice pajamas that delight every little boys heart! I bought a sweater for myself for $2.79. Most of the stores have great clearance sales right now, so check your out!

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One response to “Frugal Friday- Clearance at stores/Cereal sales

  1. drewsfamilytx

    That is a great deal on the cereal!

    Our Old Navy currently has an extra 50% off of all of their clearance items. I don't know if you have one near you, but I got some great pants and shirts for my boys to grow into for only $2-4!


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