Good morning!

 I have been pretty busy and thought I should post my menu as otherwise i find it hard to stick to if I do not write it down and here it will never get lost. = 0 I got a whole bunch of chicken legs for .59 a pound this past week so my freezer is full of them! They make a nice lunch or dinner and it is cheaper and healthier than hot dogs.
Lasagna, carrot sticks
BBQ chicken legs, french fries,  apple muffins
Potato soup, rolls, carrot and celery sticks
Borcht, bread
Taco salad, dessert
Chicken legs, rice pilaf, salad
Cream of broccoli/cauliflower soup, bread (The boys have been asking for this)<p>
I baked a large batch of bread again this week. I make part of it into loaves and then a large amount into rolls. Big and puffy ones!! The boys  really like them!  They not only eat them with meals for bread, like their papa, but they eat them for snacks with homemade jelly or peanut butter. It makes it nice to have it all done for the week and last time, the batch lasted without going moldy too! <p>
I found this new to me website that had some really cute clothes on it that were not very expensive! You should check it out!  The website is a little slow, at least on my computer, so you have to be patient.<p>
Yesterday I went to visit an old friend and see her new little baby. He was so adorable and round! He is the cutest little thing!  It was funny going up to see her as it feels like going back to my childhood…I spent alot of time at their house!
It was fun to see her and be around someone who knows you and likes you in spite of it!!
Well, I think I see some blue sky outside in spite of it being cold, it is supposed to warm up in the 30’s today so maybe we will go outside for a bit!

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  1. pbrfans1

    Can you send me the recipe for your cauliflower soup? Isn't that the one that grandma loved? I've never tried it and I thought it would be a cheap and healthy soup to make. Also, do you put protein in your potato soup? Could you give me that recipe too? Your menu always makes me hungry and I'm left craving some good bread!


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