P. had a new experience in Nov. with being able to play basketball. They had a great season!


Practice line-up!!

More practice….

It is hard to get good pictures when they are moving so fast!


P. working on blocking….he has really enjoyed learning this new sport and would really like to do it again. It was alot of work for mom with all the practices….so she is not too sure.


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2 responses to “Basketball

  1. Charity L.

    Looks like they were all having fun:) We like to play basketball as a family but definitely not in this weather, unless it is indoors. Love the pics!


  2. misskallie2000

    I think the kids that are involved with sports have a better chance of a well rounded life. They are active and involved and learn what it means to be a team member and this will help them when they get into Sr High and college. Kids have to have exercise to keep them in good health and this is an excellent way to do that. I am glad they have sports in schools.

    misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com


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