Menu for the week

It has been an adventure grocery shopping. We eat alot of fresh vegetables and the prices have shot up!!! Our salads have been lettuce and tomatoes, which thankfully I was able to fine them for .99- $1.49  a lb. but still!!! Cucumbers are outrageous! I am really looking forward to the garden! I have alot of cabbage though and romaine! There are large signs in the grocery store talking about the high prices and a sign on the front of a Mexican restaurant  we visited, said that extra salsa would cost money!

Wednesday: Pasta with sauce and meat….I had salad, the boys did not!

Thursday: Orange chicken thighs (I am going to cook them in the crock-pot and then top it with a homemade orange sauce), rice, Asian salad

Friday: Cabbage rolls and mashed potatoes…..yes, we are trying to use up potatoes! Plus, we are studying Russia….

Saturday: Crockpot BBQ ribs, mashed potatoes, coleslaw

Sunday: BBQ meat with leftover potatoes, popcorn

Monday:  Garlic chicken pasta- without the spinach (I love the spinach, but did not get any this week) Salad

Tuesday: Salad with chicken on top,  Potato wedges, Peach crisp, Banana bread

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