Billy Blue the caribou by S.E. Smith

Billy Blue the Caribou by S.E. Smith
Reviewed by Martha Artyomenko

Billy Blue, Rosie Red, Pat Purple, and Yellow Ty all have houses and accessories to match their own unique color. They think that everyone’s accessories are their own unique color and are confused when they get together at the park to play and there is much confusion about what color of house, cups, bed and other things are.

This cute little story makes a good bedtime story for your children on teaching children that we are all created differently, we look different, we use different things, we dress different, but that makes each of us special, not wrong. The children especially liked it when I left a word out, and let them finish it. It was a little wordy and a bit of a tongue twister at times….but they loved it.

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  1. Hi Martha!
    I have been homeschooling for 17 yrs, and also studied to be a Doula, but never finished. I did attend my daughter at both of her births, though 🙂 I have been here to your blog many times and read your articles. Always thought provoking.


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