Book club

Yummy……smell the pies!!!

No, no, no….you can’t eat the pies yet!!!

Peach Streusel pie….I experimented with one, but putting some sugar on the crust edges, but it made it too crunchy, so I liked the other one better.

We all went over to one of the ladies house, to have dinner. She had a nice lasagna, Moriah made a salad, and someone else had bread, and drinks. We tried these sparkling lemon water stuff that was really good! I made the pie and had vanilla ice cream with it. The book was a hard one to discuss and was not what I would prefer to keep discussing! I am not sure if the next book will be happier or not. It is called “The Help”.
Wow, studying this book diligently……


Explaining the points……


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  1. Moriah

    Martha! That is a horrible picture taken from a horrible angle. Please remove.


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