Enigma Squad-The Case of the Old Man in the mailbox by Brian Jacobs

Enigma Squad -The case of the Old man in the Mailbox

By Brian C. Jacobs

Reviewed by Martha Artyomenko

Tyler, Scooter, and AJ see this older gentleman hanging around by Scooter’s mailbox, they decide to play detective. It is more complicated than they thought!

Following the man through the woods, playing phone tag and emailing old friends of their mysterious neighbor, but then when the mystery deepens!! Is Mr. Mathisen going to start stalking them? Will it end well for the newly formed detective team?

This book written in the first person from the perspective of one of the junior high boys and is in the style a boy would really enjoy. I could see it would be a great story for any boy, age 8-13. It is full of adventure, and a little bit of danger, which every boy thinks he needs in his life! And…..mothers are redeemed by the 3 week l  grounding at the end!!! = )  It was a fun adventure story written by a dad  of 5!


It is available for sale from Amazon. It retails for $10.95


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