Our menu this week….we are going for simple and good. I hope I can do it! Lately, I make plans and run out of time!!! Or I got busy, tired or whatever and did not have time to do it or get out the meat….whatever. Oh well…..


Wednesday: Broccoli soup, bread-  It is a cold rainy day, and seems like a  soup kind of day!

Bread pudding

Thursday: (Link from previous post), corn on the cob, and tomato wedges, cucumber slices

Friday: Pizza- bought pizza, salad

Saturday: Twice baked taco potatoes- from freezer with salad

Sunday: Leftovers,  cookies -, popcorn

Monday: BBQ roast chicken, Potato dish –  a friend made this potato dish with jullienned potatoes and carrots, add a mixture of sour cream, mayo and spices (basically homemade ranch) and cheese and bake until done! They were really yummy!

Tuesday: Chicken wraps- salad, chicken, tortillas, cheese, dressing….whatever wrapped in a tortilla.


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