Homeschool Sale

Every year I help with the work of the local homeschool book sale, it was  a little smaller this year, but went well. I think everyone wanted to get rid of books and I noticed alot of things were cheaper as well this year.


We had a room with organized books for everyone to look through and buy. The tables were filled with story books, subject matter and the things we sold the most of, were math this year!
Everyone seemed to enjoy looking through all the books and towards the end, the people who had stuck around, started bartering and making deals with people. It is alot of fun to build relationships in the homeschool community this way, but I was so tired when I was done.

We also had people set up garage sale spots inside and outside. I did not get a picture of the outside people, but a few of the tables inside.

The Sports people set up a bake sale and lunch as available as well
H. had fun selling things and made a little money as well!

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