Life as we know it…..

will change once again. The news hit our house hard that our local Borders store would be closing. As a faithful customer of this store, many people in our small town have been effected. Yes, there is another bookstore, a nice used bookstore, which we also frequent, but sometimes it is fun to go to the bigger store and browse. I love to sit and talk to people about books as you generally find other book lovers there as well.


I understand that online bookstores have effected our business, and I know this as I receive book packages in the mail almost daily. Most of them are for book reviews, but I do buy a good deal of books as well. I find it sad that they could not make a go of it!

Life goes on though, I am sure….we will find something else to replace it. Hopefully another coffee shop and bookstore.

Our Menus have been scattered, but here is the menu for this week.

Wednesday: Pizza, cabbage salad

Thursday: Pasta with chicken, salad

Friday: Pancakes, peaches and cantaloupe

Saturday: Soup, bread, Dark Chocolate Cherry dessert

Sunday: Leftovers, ice cream, popcorn

Monday: BBQ chicken thighs, potato salad, carrot sticks

Tuesday: Black beans and rice, avocado salsa



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4 responses to “Life as we know it…..

  1. As a book lover, I always find it sad when bookstores close. Nothing beats walking into a bookstore and smelling all that wonderful paper! 🙂 Used bookstores are great too, but they have a different scent.

    I’ll be at your house for dinner on Sunday, OK? I love ice cream and popcorn! haha!


  2. Martha, you captured my feelings! Love Kirsji’s comment about the “aroma” of different bookstores…
    It’s been great being FB friends.


  3. Hope my comment posted 🙂


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