Goals for 2012

2012 goals for the year

1. Walk or bike at least 100 miles
2. Write 500 words a day for 6 months= 90,000 words
3. Write 150 book reviews
4. Read books aloud to children all year- Started in Sept. So far list of books for pleasure: Tanglewood’s Secret, Star of Light, Treasures of the Snow
5. Have tea with friend once a month
6. Volunteer my time for at least one year (I am already working towards that, started in Sept. once a week volunteering)
7. Organize the laundry room
8. Invite friends over for dinner two times
9. Fix a meal that is outside my comfort zone, either foreign foods or other
10. Eat a cuisine that is very different for us, more than once in the year.
11. Go to a writer’s convention
12. Get L. and H. to read an entire book on their own


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3 responses to “Goals for 2012

  1. Brenda

    Great goals! I am working on some for myself- I need some numbers like you have down. I know one goal is loose 5 lbs a month for every month this year. Another is to walk- but I want to put a number to it. Take more pictures= but again I think I need a number to it, like maybe update my shutterfly sight once a month might be a good one.


  2. Those are some great goals!!

    Are you writing a book?


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