Menu for the week

I couldn’t open my eyes this morning because it hurt too bad and one eye is still in a lot of pain, from lack of sleep. There is not enough time in the day it seems to do everything, but I have got to get to bed earlier! One year ago, I was having this issue and the eye doctor said less stress, more sleep and rest. Yeah, that went well for several months, the last couple…not so good.
Anyhow, so simplicity is the key here!

Wednesday: Pork and noodles, green beans, applesauce
Thursday: Broccoli cheese soup, bread
Friday: Snacking…Salad with cheese, chicken and apples
Slow Cooker Tamale Pie, saladSunday: Leftovers, popcorn, banana bread
Monday: Crispy chicken strips, mashed potatoes, carrot sticks
Tuesday: Burritos, with lettuce, tomato, salsa


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