A Day in our homeschool..ages 13, 11, 9 and 7

Our homeschool days are somewhat planned, but also not!
We begin the day with breakfast- something simple, while I read from our books. We practice our bible memory verse Psalm 1 for these weeks! We attempt a science experiment from Genesis for Kids….it doesn’t work very well, so we have a laugh, and discuss it anyhow. The rest of our reading completed….I skipped Homer for Children today and let them listen to an audio version for awhile.
A DVD on ancient civilizations starts out the rest of our school day.
When that is done, we start math and language arts.
My son prefers to work down under the desk…..

Next son spends some time reading a book about Titanic, it is nearly the 100th anniversary of it’s sinking.

My youngest is working on his phonics so sweetly…

Maybe not!!

My oldest works on his writing in his room and listens to his audio book. He is also building an elaborate lego creation as well! He will do his Teaching Textbooks lesson of Pre-Algebra later. He did not look well enough for a picture according to him! = )

My 3rd son heads out at noon for his tutoring, and when we go to pick him up, we stop to go and look at some pants for the growing boys from another homeschool mom.
We run to do some errands, we go to Costco to get over 300 pictures developed and put on CD, and then to the hardware store to look at light fixture replacements. We are planning on redoing the bathroom and buying things a little at a time.

The next stop is the grocery store, I was planning on doing some babysitting on my regular shopping day, so a stop for some groceries for the week is the next segment of our day. I like to use normal everyday activities to learn. This day we couldn’t do as much, but usually I let them count what we will save if we use a coupon, what product is the cheapest, how much we need of something. It helps to involve them! Today when we bought juices as a special treat, I loved watching all of them reading the labels and checking sugar and sodium levels!

All set with juice and goldfish treat!



Some of our groceries…

When we arrive home, I spend some time cleaning up, but I am very tired and rest a little. I start reading a book on my Kindle that I borrowed from the library about a girl whom was the homeless child of a drug addicts and ended up working hard enough to get to Harvard. I made a quick dinner instead of the potsticker one I had planned.

Dinner served and dishes loaded, we got ready for basketball game for my second son.
My oldest says home to write and work on math.
Teaching Textbooks Math

Working hard…or hardly working. He is not the most absorbed student.


Off we go to the basketball game!!!

Brothers observing- and eating lots of gummy bears!



H. is #11
They move so fast it is hard to catch a good picture!

Relaxing on the floor…

Home finally and bedtime for us! Another school day tomorrow!
This was actually a fairly normal day, although we do not always have to go places or have basketball, but at least two -three times a week we go places and involve them in their educational experience and get some exercise.



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3 responses to “A Day in our homeschool..ages 13, 11, 9 and 7

  1. Wow, sounds like a very busy day. But it looks like a good day too. And I can never get good sports shots. Yours turned out nice. 🙂


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