Books for the week

I have a couple books still from last week, I didn’t write down, but was trying to remember which ones I returned!

You had me at Goodbye by Sarah Dessen- This was another story about broken marriage, growing up and dealing with loss. She has an interesting writing style.

Fairer than Morning by Rosslyn Elliot- This was a great book! I loved this new series! Ann Miller is determined to marry Eli Bowen, she even is scribbling his name in her diary, trying out the last name for size. But that is not her only choice she finds! On a trip to a nearby town, she finds out that her choices range form rich to poor. Will Hanby, an abused indentured servant catches her eye. She is not thinking of him in a romantic way, but he causes her to think about the meaning of life a little more. I was amazed at the history in this book. It was not that long ago we were allowed to abuse other human beings and it was actually not a bad thing in society. Slavery of humans, both black and white, horrified me! Ms. Elliot really brings this home in this story. The poorhouse situation as well, is lightly touched on in this really well written story! – Martha


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