I feel like I have stories that are pounding on the inside of my head lately trying to get out. Some of them have been around awhile, but a new one has planted there and wants to go down on paper. I am struggling with feeling so inadequate, but lectured myself today that if I am not a good enough writer, I am going to have to learn how to be better as this is not going to leave me alone. = )

I have always had stories, I just didn’t realize their purpose before. I want to write and write stories, whether other people enjoy them or not, I guess that would be a perk!! I really want to just write them!!

A couple of the local midwives had a birth center they just opened with a grand opening. It is really beautiful! They have a lovely large birth room and a grand floor plan of opportunity. I got excited about some ideas I had to work on my doula business more locally, but feel sometimes like I am lacking when it comes to time. One step at a time!



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2 responses to “Stories

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  2. I think writing for yourself, regardless of who reads it, is a good way to look at it. And I’m sure whatever you write will be great and people will want to read it.


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