The Messenger by Siri Mitchell

The Messenger
By Siri Mitchell
Reviewed by Martha Artyomenko


Hannah Sunderland is content to be a Quaker. Her life though outside of her faith is a mess. Her twin brother is in jail, after joining the army against his families’ wishes, soldiers take over their home and chaos rules the streets.

Jeremiah Jones- Hero, injured on the fields of war, embittered by the blow life has dealt him, makes the choice to be a spy for the Rebels. When the aloof Quaker girl whom is determined to visit her brother in jail surprises him, his whole life seems to change.

This story set during the Revolutionary War is told in a different voice. It is almost as if you the reader are on the outside, looking in as the story is being told to you, from the perspective of Hannah and Jeremiah. It feels as if you are floating above them, looking in, carrying bread and cheese in the stinky jails or being inspected by the loose woman the guard employed. Hannah’s desperation and love for her brother conquers the love she has for her church’s rules, yet she does not want to give them up. Would she give them up for love though?

I enjoyed this book of Ms. Mitchell’s, but found it different than her last two books…you are guaranteed when you pick up one of her books to find a book that gives you a unique perspective. You never know what twist awaits you around the bend in the road!
This book was provided free of charge for review from Bethany House Publishers- Martha


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  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the book! Thanks for taking the time to write and post a review.

    Many blessings,



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