Last day

This was our last evening in the cities…we had a nice quiet day where I just spent time with Bobbi, we went shopping for some snacks and Fred spent some time with his sister.

We went over to his brother’s and his wife’s house for dinner. She made us this amazing gourmet meal, with stew in little tureens, salad, tomato canapé’s, bread. His sister made crepes with raspberry cream to put on them and hot chocolate! It was so good! I felt like I would roll out of there!

Here is the super content baby once again…

Everyone is tired out after dinner and it was a super hot and humid day!

The little boys were playing Hi-Ho Cherry-O…

Saying goodbye…the boys were all being silly

Getting them to stand still was impossible

A girl just like me…

Hugging…little boy style


They loaded us up with snacks, treats and all kinds of wonderful things to send us on our way!


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