Past Forward by Chautona Havig

Past Forward- A Serial Novel
Parts 1 &2
by Chautona Havig

Reviewed by Martha Artyomenko

Willow Finley is now alone. She was prepared for everything else in life, yet very ill-prepared for how to deal with the death of her mother and sole companion. She has been isolated from society, family and friends, and because of that, she has an odd appeal to Chad Tesdall- young police officer who ends up befriending her.

I have never read a serial novel online, only in story papers growing up. Of course, this one is a little longer than one in a story paper. Willow is quirky, smart, but so stupid almost in other ways. As the story progresses, I understood more about why her mother chose to raise her that way, but I struggled to identify with her naivety as most people who are isolated, if they are not slow tend to have a quickness for the ability to learn fast.

After the first 25 pages, I found that I was engaged with the story, and wanted to know what would happen to her. I will signing up for the author’s newsletter, to find out when the following installments will be ready and deals on her other books.
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I am curious as to whether Willow ends up staying on the farm, or does she get to know the family she did not know…?
I noticed that some characters from other books that I looked at by this author were also mentioned in this book, which made me more curious to read those ones too!
If you want to buy the first installment- it is available on Amazon


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