Bees in the Butterfly garden by Maureen Lang

Bees in the Butterfly Garden
By Maureen Lang

Reviewed by Martha Artyomenko

Meg Davenport has never wanted for anything in her life, materially. She has longed for the love of a family, something she has never known. The life of a proper young woman, taught in boarding schools to find the proper husband left her life empty and filled with vanity.
When she receives notice her father, whom she barely knew has passed away, imagine her surprise when nothing is as it seems after the funeral. Her father was a Gilded age Robin Hood…a thief.

Struggling with her loss, of a father she never knew, one whom she is told loved her too dearly to have her in his life, she fights to join his lifestyle.
Can the people she seeks to defraud end up reaching her with the truth about life? Can she find the love she has been seeking with mercy from someone she did not know had it in them?

I was surprised by this book! It was not all what I thought it would be. This is a story of a young woman searching for love and acceptance in all the wrong places. The author speaks to how some people can end up in the wrong places by simple choices, but also how redemption and kindness can reach someone to teach them what is right. The history and the quotes from The Code of Thieves and Madame Marisse’s Handbook for Young Ladies were especially entertaining!

Meg is the main character in this book, but the other minor characters had their roles as well, Ian and Kate were very interesting, but I especially like the Pemberton’s!! They were so interesting to learn about…nothing is quite what it seems!


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