Oh my…

I have not been really sick for a long time, I was half way joking when I said to my sister that I wanted to catch her sickness. You know, some down time that was forced, sounded great! In reality, it was not so nice.
I got to experience a low grade fever, lack of appetite, lack of oxygen and general malaise which was tons of fun!

At least I managed figured out how to watch the Olympics this year and I am thrilled to watch each of my favorite sports as they play out on the well….very small screen. Swimming, Gymnastics, diving have been on my viewing screens.

I am done….ready to be better. The coughing is bad though.

You know what gets me though…is that when you are ill, how irritating people can be or are there just a whole lot more ignorant people online this week? Good grief! I am ready to get back to normal people.

I read a book while laying here that has been on my to be read list for while. It was about a young woman whom married a man, got involved in a cult and how she leaves. It was well written and the author did a great job of talking about some of the major issues in cult type situations. It is hard to show everything in a book and how it might actually go, but I noticed one major flaw in most of these books. They assume that most of the people whom manage to get involved in cult type churches, dress in a counter cultural way or anything that way, that when they decide to make a change, it happens overnight. I have seen many people leave or change the way they dress and even if they decide to do it overnight, it is an awkward switch over. But then there are the weird ones like me….that do change our appearance, but not as drastically. The way it is portrayed, we are either still caught up in legalism or we are just were weird…which is probably true.



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3 responses to “Oh my…

  1. Sorry you are sick, I hope you feel 100% soon.


  2. Jen

    Even if it means down-time, being sick is no fun. I hope you feel better soon! Have you been taking your GSE & zinc?


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