Week 6 of school

Yay….yay, yay!! Week 6 is completed!!!

The week was hectic, but we lived through it. I volunteered at the library on Monday, Basketball practice three days a week at least, classes on Thursday, visit with a friend, tutoring and field trip. I didn’t think we would get all our MFW done, but we got most of it done!

I still am waiting to find pudding boxes to do our arches, but I think we will live, but it looks like such fun experiment!

Our field trips every week have been a few hours of learning!
There were these pelts there!

The closest anyone will get to a skunk….I hope!

Listening intently and talking about where we get our values from, and make decisions about what we buy in life.

Some of the moms got chairs

We played a game like telephone with drawing on each others backs. I realized that maturity helps people to listen better when the moms did it!
A couple of the groups…

Discussing needs vs. wants in different time periods.

It was determined that underwear was a need, not a want!

Examining different products and weighing the pros and cons of how it effects the environment

They learned how long it takes some things to disappear.




Which candy has more?

Showing how greed effects all of us…

We got to see beautiful snow on the mountains as well!

The weather got cold, so we picked T.’s little watermelon. It was really yummy! It made them want to build a green house though!

We were able before classes, go and visit with a friend from out of town..
H. collecting Monopoly things from everyone. We never go there, so they were shock that we were going!

We got to see some friends, which was fun!

We have been reading a bunch of books from our book basket as well, as doing our regular school. Today we did a Roman adventure story, where it showed how different choices they made in their lives made a difference. We also read about Romulus and Remus. It was such a sad story! We have been listening to Russian language CD’s, most of the lessons have gone well, but the last one, it felt like a tongue twister and we were laughing so hard just trying to ask to eat lunch!

We are behind a bit on the Bronze Bow, but otherwise we are right on track!
We get to hopefully rest this weekend a bit, but we have Russian Thanksgiving service on Sunday, so that should be an experience.



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2 responses to “Week 6 of school

  1. Pam

    It looks like you had a great week!


  2. Sounds like such a fun time!! We are still finishing up fall baseball and then it’ll be on to basketball. BUSY times for sure.


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