Week #9

My mind is full of many things to try to keep the pace of everything up and in order.
It was cold some mornings, so sitting on my bed makes school warmer.

Monday was full as usual. We are getting close to the end of The Bronze Bow, but we are not as far as we should be in it. I wish I had speakers on my computer to make it louder!
H. had his tutoring lesson and we set off for the library. They are organizing and rearranging everything. I hate change, and it is going to be hard for me to have everything different there, but also, it might mean that I will be doing a different job with volunteering. I helped with CD’s and putting them back in cases, putting them in alphabetical order. It was fun!
The boys had basketball practice and have been going to the exercise club afterwards for a workout and showers. It is nice for them to refresh afterwards.

Tuesday- We had a great school day, getting things done!
It snowed earlier, so they were eager to get outside and build the first snowmen or piles in the yard.
We also listened to the first half of Ben Hur. It was so fitting with what we have been reading in history.

We had planned on a basketball game, but it was canceled and we had practice instead. I went for a nice brisk walk while they were practicing, and then went home, packed some sandwiches and we went to a concert that my niece was playing in.

Wednesday: The older boys had a class on Orienteering and learned some about Africa as well. I wanted to stay, but it was a long one, so took T. home to work on school.

The boys had a blast learning about how to use a compass.

Some of the shortcuts in the class taught about the compass.
Getting ready to head out…

Working together

Walking through the snowy woods…

They really have this line thing down….sometimes I wonder about how they learned that!

The best way to learn directions….

Are you really doing it right?

He didn’t bring his boots, so he sent his companion through the snow to get clues!

Whew! That was cold!
Thursday- we did school in the morning and then the boys went off for science, math, and writing classes at the co-op. I got to have tea with a friend with my remaining son, which was nice. We had a basketball game in the evening. It was a tight game with the 5/6th graders, but it was a win for them! The 7/8th graders had more of an issue, but didn’t lose heart. They lost, but kept the fight up and we cheered every score!

Friday- We finished up with some Language Arts tests, reading aloud to me, as well as our regular subjects. It has been a very good and productive week! I feel like I am getting the hang of this, if I could just stay on top of the housework. I did manage to clean my bathroom, which is so nice!
I have been planning crock pot meals and making dinner simple, but filling. Basketball sure makes them hungry.


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  1. Love all the snow, and it looks like everyone is having fun out there.


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