Week #17

Today was a beautiful snow filled day. It was cold in the house though!!! It is amazing how hard it is to move when you are cold!
We read about Charlemagne today, what a complicated, terrible and nice guy all wrapped in one. We had a discussion about the kidneys and I am doing a search for tomorrow to show how the kidneys work.

How kidneys work

Another animation – Kidneys

Living with dialysis

After school, we went to the library for volunteer time.
We checked out a few books, movies and audio books.
T. using their self check out machine in the children’s dept. They installed them several months back. I found a couple of books I am looking forward to reading. One is called something about “Living among the bears.”

Then in the evening P. had to go to JV basketball practice, they went first to do a quick workout beforehand, and then he went off for practice and the rest of us went to Christmas Carol at a nursing home.
Everyone seemed to enjoy it and all the little children. I think it was hard for the boys and I realized I have not taken them to visit nursing homes enough. They were sad for the people when we left and on their own assured me that they would take care of me so that I never would go to one of them.

T. trying to catch the flying flag in the wind….

I told the boys if they completed their school quickly, we would go and get their reading certificate pizzas at Pizza Hut. It took longer than it should have, and we did not get all our reading done, so we took it with us.

Christmas coloring contest pictures

Ready for Pizza!!

The place was stuffed with the middle school orchestra students though, so it was so noisy!!! Reading aloud was hard, but we powered through. Pizza, Beowolf and the Celt’s…what a combination!

I find this history is so interesting that I am wanting to just keep reading and my voice is having trouble keeping up!

After pizza, we headed over to hear the orchestra play. It was beautiful!

It was super crowded in there though!
We finished some of our shopping and I was exhausted when we got home. My little boys decided that I needed to have them make me dinner, so they prepared this tea for me.
It was so sweet!

We powered through school, but it came to me that it was going to be impossible to get everything done and get all we had to do for Christmas done as well. I have a lot of baking to do, Ravioli day etc.

School has been supplemented by games like Monopoly a few times this week. We are excited about playing Chess as well, but cannot find all our chess pieces.

So, Monopoly has to stand in!

P. working hard on writing!
Brain power food!!!

We had all our work done and were ready for Thursday classes, but got the call that because of illness, some serious illnesses, classes were canceled. This added an extra job of mailing work out, so a stop at the post office was planned.
It also meant that all the boys got to attend their cousin’s school program.

He sang a bunch of songs with his class!
What a big class!!

We completed grocery shopping. I was really blessed at the grocery store. We stopped to get a snack and order lunch meat. I ordered a couple of things to hold them over, and the deli counter lady threw in some onion rings for the boys for free. I walk over to order salami, and the lady says “Salami today?” She loves to see the boys excited about their salami and give them each a piece to eat. They always miss them when I don’t bring them to the store!

P. went off this morning to volunteer at the food bank for a couple of hours. I prepared pasta dough, gathered supplies, tools and headed out for Ravioli day!
Another game of Monopoly!

Everyone took turns rolling out dough!


Flour gets everywhere!

Some people took breaks!!

Little hands helping!

Feeding the dough through takes teamwork and hand eye coordination!

Another helper!!
Ready to go in the freezer!

All the scraps we turn into homemade pasta for dinner! Here is one of the two piles!! It is so good!

So, that was our week!


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  1. Sounds like a good week. I love all the pasta making, how fun.


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