Week # 19

I am sorry this has taken me half the week to get this up! Week #19 was a doozy of a week!

Monday night, my husband thought he was getting sick. On Tuesday morning, he was in so much pain, he couldn’t see straight and had a high fever. We ended up taking our schoolbooks on the road and in between trying to get into see the doctor we got our school done.

What is George saying?

While we had to wait, one of the nurses set up my youngest son with this way to paint with water, while waiting on test results.

My husband had a bad kidney infection, which thankfully after an injection of antibiotics, was on the way to recovery.

My oldest son loves to multi-task while working on his schoolwork. This often means he listens to an audio book, builds with something while working on his school work assignments. It means it also takes him twice as long.

The boys enjoyed getting some wooden sets to decorate in the mail and were thrilled to do them at the end of school!


But tomorrow is another day, and one where we have to apply ourselves once again.

Working on the couch most mornings, is T’s favorite spot, either that or my bed!


Math….His favorite subject, but still, not what he really wants to be doing.


L. is very happy as you can see about his assignments.


During history this week, L. also did some sewing, on his teddy bear’s arm. The surgery was a success for now, until it is ripped off again.


Some of our history books this week!


A Medieval book on things to make and do, that we have been getting ideas from!


After a day of classes, I take my oldest to the doctor to re-check his broken finger (broken in Nov.) to see if it has finally healed completely. He was given a clean bill of health. We are just hoping no more breaks!


Taking advantage of the down time and getting some reading time in, while waiting.

On Friday, we had play practice after school, and I had the pleasure of bringing dinner to someone. I was planning on having a Medieval style dinner for the inn, so, I planned a dinner of vegetable soup and bread.


The loaves of bread rising to go into the oven.


Our dinner by candlelight.


Some people really enjoyed the fire part of it.
We discussed the culture, tried to talk a bit like they did and it was a lot of fun. I wished I had more time!

Later that evening, I was exhausted and ready to head to bed at 7pm, but a gentleman came and the boys were chosen to take part in a scientific research study. It took about 2.5 hours all together, but they each earned $30. It was funny, as the man said they could bring a certificate to their teacher and get extra credit for class. I laughed and said that I would give them extra credit!

I am enjoying this time period of study and was almost thinking about taking an extra week of time studying it!


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  1. So glad your husband is feeling better. Sounds like a fun week of learning otherwise. 🙂


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