Week of school and birthdays

Our School week was also a birthday week! H had his birthday and P did as well….

H and his cake he designed!

A birthday could not be complete without games!


There were several different games played!

School was diligently done this week! On Monday, we got up early, my oldest son had to be somewhere by 7:20 am. so we all got up and got ready for the day. It set a great tone for the week, but it is difficult to stay focused and full of energy all week when you are an insomniac half the night!


School can be done well in a robe, right?


Practicing reading…

We did double school on Tuesday as we were going to drive up for a class a ways away on Wednesday.
On the way up, my sister has a DVD player, so we watched math and history movies! They learned all the way!


There were lots of moms and babies there to learn with us at our class!

We learned all about good and bad bacteria in our bodies. We had demonstrations on how to make some different things that are good for making good bacteria in our bodies.


Here she was showing us how to make sauerkraut.


Mom- teaching and demonstrating

We had a little mini birthday celebration up there with apple crisp and ice cream before we headed home!


It was blueberry apple and was tasty!

P. made his cake as well for his birthday!


It turned out good!!


Playing with his cousin is always been good too….


It is like seeing a little mini of himself!


He wanted my husband to hold him too…and kept diving for him!

L. was on a roll this week! He woke up early and worked hard on his school and was all done for the week with good grades too!!


He is such a hard little worker!

H. had a stomach virus on Friday, so got to miss school, but the rest worked hard, and then had play practice along with a doctor appt. We found out Paul broke his finger badly again, so surgery might be an option. = (

We had more play practice on Saturday, which keeps us busy. It is good music, dance and drama practice though!


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  1. Sorry about the stomach virus and the broken finger. That sounds very painful. The rest of the week sounds good. Glad it was well overall. 🙂


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