Week #27



H. reading for school!

We went for a field trip this week! 306250_4519498191508_173202989_n


This one was the first hike of the year. It was very, very icy and slippery. It was really not the time to be out hiking yet!

We also followed it up with a field trip before the boys party for their friends. It started snowing and the roads were very slippery.


They had fun though, in spite of the weather!



There was good practice on listening to directions and paying attention!



We had a great birthday party for the boys with all their friends later that afternoon!

It included basketball…(What else? = ) There was food, but I am not sure if anyone ate much of it!



P. likes to see if he can touch the 8 foot ceiling with his head. He comes right up to it!


576524_4519475630944_274269111_nOur kids looking to see what is in the water!






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