3 reasons to persevere

Mothering is tough. It is gritty, dirty, and often comes with little rewards as we are preforming our duties. We have the job that no one wants to get paid for to do, yet we keep at it. Why? 

I believe we do it for three reasons. 

  1. Love.  We love our family and our children, and this gives us courage to keep going. Just like when we were giving birth to our children and we thought we couldn’t possible handle one more contraction, but we did, so we persevere in our daily life. 
  2. Duty. In our love, there is a sense of duty. We promised before God and witnesses generally to love our spouse, but we also knew that there was a job to be done as it is not easy to be married or be a parent. Some days, we sit and wonder what we were thinking signing up for this. But I believe that in us, if we long to be a great parent, there is a sense of duty that keeps us going when the lovey, dovey feelings have sort of grown dull. 
  3. Hope. The hope of the future. We believe that it is going to get better, it might be that good night hug when those arms squeeze you and tell you that you are the best. It might be the ope that engulfs you when one of your children misbehaves and you hope that tomorrow is going to be better. You just know it has to be! 


All these things keep us going, help us to persevere in our fight to be the best parents ever. No matter what we are doing, we strive to be something that is beyond ourselves. We reach within ourselves to ask for help from Someone else that can help us in the daily walk. 

So, if you are a mom that it took two hours today to eat your lunch, another hour just to try to enjoy a cup of tea and by that time, your food was half gone, the tea was cold and you weren’t all that hungry anymore…take heart. Love, Duty, and Hope can help you to reach out and ask for help beyond yourself, and help keep you putting one food in front of the other! 


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  1. Yes, love, hope and duty keep us going. So thankful for the Lord gives wisdom, so many times I feel so inadequate, but He is faithful!

    Like your new look!!! 🙂


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