My Menu for the week (weeks)

Menu planning has been difficult for me the past few weeks, but after a couple of crazy weeks with not a lot of food, I decided I had to meal plan.

I was tracking my grocery expenses as well for the month, working to stay on a certain budget, which I did quite well at thankfully!

Monday: BBQ chicken, egg noodles, coleslaw.

Tuesday: Leftover chicken, mashed potatoes/gravy, salad

Wednesday: Cream of Broccoli soup and Focaccia bread

Thursday: Chicken, broccoli, and pepper stir fry, rice and big salad

Friday: Cabbage Roll casserole
I may do this or do actual Cabbage rolls…I am unsure! = ) I want to do it in the crock pot.

Saturday: Ham and Cheese rolls, Potato soup, salad

Sunday: Dinner at church

Monday: Baked potatoes, BBQ beef in crock pot, Salad

Tuesday: BBQ beef on buns, Baked potato dip and dippers, salad

Wednesday: Potato soup, bread, salad- Bake for Harmony’s..and snacks for the week, zucchini bread, cookies, and bread.

Thursday: Shepherd’s pie

Friday:Baked Taquito’s, salad, Spanish rice

Saturday: Black Bean chili, cornbread, carrot sticks

Sunday: leftovers, popcorn

Monday: Crock pot roast, potatoes, and carrots with salad

So, yes, I got on a roll and planned more than one week! I will have to shop again next week, but only for a couple of the basics.

I am using my crock pot and rice cooker as much as I can to help save on time and planning on making snacks on Wednesday’s should help me.



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2 responses to “My Menu for the week (weeks)

  1. Mom

    I noticed you have BBQ beef. For CR we made shredded pork. We just put the meat in a roaster pan and poured pop over it. Cooked it all day, then added BBQ sauce later. It was really good!
    You could try that with beef, but pork is so cheap right now.


  2. Sarah :)

    Sounds great Martha!!


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