Enjoying the beautiful weather

I am trying to work on my yard! What a mess! Crab grass, some ivy looking weed and lots of spiders make me want to pull back and not do it.

But here I was, gloves, shovel, weed whacker and I went at it. It was not very fun. I did transplant the mint, that has for the last two years has gotten cut down by the weed whacker in over zealous hands.
I hope it stays safe where I put it now, as I really would like some mint tea!

This morning after visiting the post office, we went on a little hike…

944252_4877303056406_960407593_n As you can see….we like to mix it up a bit!!


We marched up that hill, and then on the way down, decided to take a longer, round about way to get a better workout.

Homeschool moms love to point out and name plants, bugs, and other things.

This time someone spotted a toad in the weeds!!

600913_4877302656396_1494589222_n It is always fun to find something more unusual!

Before the weather decided to turn to rain, I managed to wash and hang a load of laundry outside to dry! It was so nice! I am not sure how much nicer the yard looks, as when I had been working hard half the afternoon, someone knocked on my door to see if I needed help in the yard. Oh well…I am trying!



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