Take a Chance on me by Susan May Warren



I read this book this afternoon. It has been awhile since I have read a fiction book that had a message like this one. It was raw at times. 

Ivy Madison is a lawyer. She has achieved success in her life in the world’s eyes, but in her own personal life, she is alone. She has made herself believe she does not need love, acceptance and it is not out there for her. 

Darek Christiansen is angry. Bitter. Determined to make the world pay for his pain, the pain of losing a wife that he was not even sure he cared about.

When Ivy Madison “buys” him on accident at an auction in the tiny town  of Deep Haven, it becomes instant news. Ivy wants more than a date, she wants a friend. Darek wants nothing to do with relationships. He wants to make the people that have hurt him pay for everything he thinks they have done to cause his problems. 


This story tells the story of hurting people. As you read, you will find yourself living and dealing with your own hurts. Everyone has hurts in their lives and this story shows that how you deal with them, effects more people than just ourselves. 

Hurt is a part of life. Bitterness will destroy you though!  This fiction story twlls this tale better than any self help book that I have ever read. Susan May Warren is an incredible author, but I have to say each book gets better and better! I highly recommend this book! 


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