Menu for the week

So, I am trying to plan out ahead of time. I am thinking of spending some time canning and freezing food for the next few months. I am thinking of lots of waffles and canning dry beans and chili soup. I need to dig in my freezer and see what other meat is in there, as I was thinking of making meatballs to freeze as well. These also look really good. Freezer Beef and Bean Burritos

I am behind on my canning. I canned my first batch of jam today…in the midst of a very messy kitchen and while having company! It was a sight to see!

Wednesday: Chicken, mushroom, pepper spaghetti with garlic bread and tomatoes.

Thursday: Zucchini boats with sausage and peppers.

Friday: Fried rice, salad

Saturday: Boys camping…hot dogs, pancakes, and whatever else I make

Sunday: leftovers, popcorn

Monday: Crock pot beans and rice, salad

Tuesday: Pot stickers…cabbage salad


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