Week 1 of school….finished!

You know, you are just beginning, but finishing week one is a huge accomplishment for me!

It meant I lived through it, we stayed on task, we did our work, and I haven’t had a complete panic attack about all they need to learn this year.

P1060185Here are some of our book basket books that we read this week!  The one was about Columbus while the other was about North American Indians.


P1060186School on the go…our notebooks with folders have been used already. At a trip to the library, worksheets needed to be finished before computer time.

P1060184So excited for a doctor’s visit….it was just a basic physical exam too.

P1060183 I will just lounge here and pretend that I am excited! Everything went well at the exams…we got some answers, referrals for one child, that needs some exams for eyes and occupational therapy perhaps!

P1060182  Our “World Map” cake. No…we are not cake decorators. We were doing good to get that on there. They really just wanted to eat the cake.

P1060181 My third grader, frosting the cake!


Onto the rest of the year!




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3 responses to “Week 1 of school….finished!

  1. Looks like a great start to the year! Doctors visits…a necessary evil at times, no? 🙂


  2. Yea, looks like a good week!! LOL about the cake! Hey, I understand they just wanted to eat cake.
    That’s the best part, anyway. I don’t think your poor son could look ANY more excited to see the doctor. hehe Keep on having fun!!


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