Insomnia is so hard….

You don’t have enough energy to do anything when you are awake at night, yet you are drained the whole next day.

I am so tired of being tired!

Anyone have any great tips on how to sleep better?



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2 responses to “Insomnia is so hard….

  1. simone

    Sometimes thyroid/adrenal or other hormonal imbalance can cause insomnia. i used to have this problem. i would get up and read. It would keep me from being agitated and would eventually lull me to sleep. Especially the Psalms. 🙂


  2. Diane

    Amen……….I am researching this same problem. I have had a hard time sleeping and then so tired during the day. Any advice is appreciated. Also, we are new to Montana………love your blog. While I am awake at night I will have something good to read!


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