Week 4 of school…Exploration to 1850’s

Week 4 of school is done!!! Week 5 is started because of some vacation time I am having to take, we are trying to do ahead of ourselves a bit, so we don’t get behind.

However, I know we will be learning a lot on the vacation time as well!

We had a hard week! It seems like the time sometimes makes school harder, but I know I am going to push through it and get it done!

They are learning a ton too!

T.’s notebooking looks a little different than the rest of the boys. He however is learning!


Writing away


His idea of what the Mayflower should have looked like…

P1060265Math time….blocks left scattered.


L. thinks lately school is so hard to wake up for. It might help if he goes to bed earlier though!

P1060274One of our science books

We have been learning deeply about Mammals this week! I found it very interesting learning about marsupials and their birth processes. It might be nicer to grow the baby outside yourself!

P1060275We used this on Thursday as we were out a bit, working on school out and about! They turned in some writing work for their classes and we are set!

P1060276Working from bed for school!

P1060277I am warm!!!

P1060280Reading our science!


They really detailed back to me what they learned and added a bunch of info they learned on WildKratts

P1060284A  notebooking page from one of their notebooks.

P1060291Plans for the future/high school history and literature ideas!

P1060286Reading and acting out Julius Caesar

P1060287They enjoyed it! Later my son said to me “That was school?”


P1060288The younger boys were playing with the microscope and a camera

P1060289That one is clearer!

P1060290The microscope! I didn’t get them in action with it…but it was a great learning afternoon.



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